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General News of Wednesday, 10 November 2021


Stop giving LGBTQ+ promoters media platform to operate - Women rights advocate

Parents re being advised to monitor their children against LGBTQ activities

A women’s rights advocate, Ms Sylvia Appiah, has called on the media to stop giving prominence to LGBTQ+ promoters and representatives, saying the group does not deserve any form of publicity in the country.

“These LGBTI+ folks are gradually corrupting the morals of some Ghanaians, especially children, so I believe that when the media stops giving them attention and rather increase awareness about the dangers such groups have on the morals of the populace, the sanity of the right-thinking members of the public and children will be saved,” she said.

Ms Appiah, who is also the founder of Women with Vision, a women empowerment organization, made the call in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday in reaction to the LGBTQ+ concerns raised by members of the public.

She stated that “in the wake of certain people identifying themselves as LGBTQ+ fellows, it was very important for children to be protected, especially those who use smartphone devices.”

Ms Appiah said monitoring the safety of children while they use the internet could help reduce the risk of unsafe exposure to persons wanting to have unnatural carnal knowledge.

She cited that a 16-year-old Senior High School student was lured via Facebook by a former senior medical doctor of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital, Dr Ali Gabass, which led to the boy suffering a severe medical condition, followed by a confession, leading to the arrest of the medical director, who later confessed to the crime and the fact that he was gay.

Ms. Appiah said, “this is an example of the many instances where such heartbreaking situations have occurred. We are a highly religious people, and we will not accept such immoral and abominable acts.”

She noted that some children fell victim to the ploys of gay sexual abusers because of curiosity.

Ms Appiah said, “naturally, teenagers are curious, so the more they hear about certain things, the more they have the urge to explore. The media must rather focus on propagating the agenda of how dangerous LGBTQI+ can be, instead of giving their platforms to gays and lesbians to share their concerns with the public.”

She asked parents to monitor their children against engaging in LGBTQ+ activities.

Ms Appiah said, “most abusers can be exposed before they carry out their bad intentions if the environment at home is conducive enough for children to share their fears with their family members.”