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General News of Saturday, 26 February 2022


Stop causing fear and panic, there is no World War III – Diplomatic Consultant

Wahab Al-Farouk Wahab Al-Farouk

An International Diplomatic Consultant, Wahab Al-Farouk has condemned what he described as “fear and panic mongering” by some Ghanaians following their comments on the ongoing political tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

According to him, the situation has nothing to do with World War III as projected by many because he sees the case involving the two Eastern European countries as a “special one.”

Russia on Thursday, February 24, 2022 begun a large-scale military attack on Ukraine, its southern neighbour.

Thus, he advised security experts who delve into the matter to stay away from running commentaries that will frightened the people.

“Russia and Ukraine’s case is a special one so they [security experts and analysts] should stop causing fear and panic into the people because there is not going to be any third World War. what Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing is that he wants to make Ukraine unattractive to the European Union. He has made his mind that he won’t allow Ukraine to join the EU” Wahab Al-Farouk told Angel News.

He reiterated that United State of America (USA) with its largest city, Canada is a neutral land therefore moving its Military to support Ukraine is impossible let alone a World War III.

Wahab Al-Farouk who also forms part of the Policy Advisory of the African Union Diaspora Forum (AU-DAF), believes Vladimir Putin’s gesture towards Ukraine is just about “power, economic, colonization and supremacy.”

He noted despite the differences between the two countries, Ukraine’s independence as a nation following their separation from the Soviet Union, now Russia in 1991 is complete which gave them the eligibility to join the United Nation (UN) and other International Communities.

Meanwhile, in a television speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that any intervention from outside powers to resist the Russian attacks would be met with “instant” response.