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Opinions of Thursday, 18 December 2008

Columnist: Kwansema, Ekua

Stop The Fear & Hate Mongering

By Ekua Kwansema

Fear and hate mongering has no place in politics. During the just ended presidential and congressional elections in the United States, the Republicans used fear and hate mongering over and over again, but it did not work. They lost. And it was huge. The Republicans spread rumours that a vote for Obama was a vote for terrorists, that Obama pals with terrorists, that Obama was a Muslim, that he is Un-American, that Obama does not share the same values as Americans. But in the end Americans read behinds the lines and sent the Republicans to the political wilderness.

If I were part of the NPP people I would take a cue from this and refrain from such tactics. But they have resorted in using this same tactics to scare people into voting for them during the up-coming presidential run-off. News going round is that the NDC has targeted some people for elimination. This information while ridiculous is highly false. It has no place in politics. Professor Mills is so decent a person that he would not allow anything like that to happen in his administration if he wins.

When you are desperate you keep throwing wild punches just to keep on holding. With their backs at the wall, and seeing the writing clearly on the wall, the NPP people are using their last card just to hold on to power. I believe this tactic would backfire and send people to the pools to elect Professor Mills.

If Ghanaians have something to fear, they should rather fear Akufo-Addo and his divisive tendencies. Akufo-Addo is known for his unpredictability and that should set Ghanaians thinking as they prepare to go back to the polls. Just today a certain radio station has published an article that Dr. Mensa-Otabil is being targeted by a certain political party. Why spread such a wild rumour? These rumours are being peddled by NPP people so as the gain sympathy from members of Mensa-Otabil’s church towards the NPP.

Was Mensa-Otabil not around during the NDC time? Was he harmed by anyone? If Mensa-Otabil was not harmed at the time that the NDC was in power why would they harm him when they come back to power? This nonsense must stop because it would not fly with many Ghanaians.

Having lost the parliamentary elections, the NP has lost focus. They have lost sight of what they want to do hence this wild-card tactics. Ghanaians are very much awake now so if they have something credible to offer Ghanaians, they better come out because scare tactics aint gonna work for them.

I have even had a couple of email from people saying that if Professor Mills win the upcoming presidential run-off some people in Ghana would be killed. This is highly ridiculous and false. I do not know where these people are feeding their wild rumours from. Is Professor Mills not the same person that NPP stalwarts and supporters championed some few years ago of being “Asomdwee Hene”.

If Professor Mills is seen as “Asomdwee Hene” by the NPP, why would they think he would resort to violence when he becomes president? Professor Mills is a man of his own. Apart from being highly educated, he is a wise man. He is one of the only few politicians to have ever come to office and never used his position to enrich himself. If this fear and hate mongering did not work for the Republicans in the United States, I do not see why it would work for the NPP in Ghana. Remember both parties have the same ideology; they use the same colours and has the Osono as their symbol. Ghana needs peace and not fear.