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Opinions of Saturday, 1 June 2019

Columnist: Stephen Atubiga

Stephen Atubiga writes: I will give sensitive information to candidates when we meet

We should all remember the leadership of the party, and the presidential candidate in our prayers. All is not well for us. the Truth is one.

The selective vindictive political prosecution of our national chairman is the prosecution of the entire 5million party members. A (Political phycologists) will tell you how it breaks the moral or vim of members down . their next move after success in Ayawaso experiment. We showed weakness there.

A real test to the structures of the party. the national organizers and the Youth wings of the party must pass this well for 2020 victory.

I am half Kokomba and half Kusasi. Words of wisdom.

. Our 29000+polling stations are still leaking baskets since 2016 elections till date. And I can still see us with leaking baskets trying to fill them with water. We must sit up.

We need a (veep) running mate now, I mean now.!!! So we can have early reconciliation with corridors of powers in the party and around the presidential candidate poaching for running mate position.

We should not also forget those internally bent on making sure JDM is defeated in election 2020, as punishment reason known to them are still at post.

JDM must spend at least 1 or two days in every village( constituency) starting now. In elections, you start the campaign from the day you lose, and same from the day you win for your second term.

No more 20minutes speech by the candidate in constituencies, hurrying to the next constituency due to time. Especially leaders, chiefs, and NDC members waiting from morning to nights. It cost us votes in big time.

We should have a realistically feasible massage to the nurses and teachers .example is, we making sure to have finance facilities in their schools. for the approval of loans together with admission letters. Including private schools. ( I have the blueprint ) piloting gradually, along with side funding from the private sector. Especially with (social security ) NGO.

Teachers, nurses, doctors writing all their certifications exams one time at their final examinations time in their school.

The military, we reducing the retirement to 25 years with more money to take home or a choice to stay for 30yrs, yet still an improvement of their benefits.
Assuring all dissolved bank owners of given their banks back to them, With conditions to call their former employees back to work.
We assuring drivers/taxi, trotro of a program of legal relief for them in courts. ( I have the blue prints just like NHIS system contributions from them) lots of job creation, with NGO funding.

Introduction of the parole system, relief programs for judges to use in courts during judgement and management programs for prisoners. ( I have the blueprints ) a lot of job creation.

How to strengthen the NHIS to be attractive to all private healthcare centres .relief to the poor.

We must listen to the grassroots advice more.

I will give sensitive information to candidates alone when we meet.

Yes, all signs are showing victory for NDC 2020, But we must be ready for that victory, ready to collect that victory. Ready to count our victory votes and Ready to tabulate our victory votes.

Love you all .