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Opinions of Saturday, 1 June 2019

Columnist: Stephen Atubiga

Stephen Atubiga writes: I can't wait to sit with John Dramani Mahama

I have taken a break in campaigning for now. Until I get some clear picture of some issues from candidate and leadership.

The 327000 lottery victory in 2012 should have given us a wake-up call to sit up. Especially 90% of that victory coming from the love for JDM. The Truth be told to help as sit up.

The NPP had a good case to in court ( election petition)2012/2013, because of the five power blocks in the NDC against JDM leading us. feeding them with credible information. Day time NDC members night time NPP member.

2016 was the opportunity for them to show their disapproval of JDM style of leadership, and backlash of his appointees' actions and inactions against him. I Am talking of stakeholders, founding member, not ordinary nobodies members like Atubiga wanting his exist. I am speaking with authorities because I had one on one with most of them at that time of their disapproval and displeasure with some decision of my brother JDM. I am still hearing the eco in my brains( the only language your brother JDM will understand is opposition)

Today, POSTERITY has vindicated JDM. The luckiest blessed born leader, to lead NDC for his second term.

This 2020 election will be the most wickedness resistance from the NPP against JDM NDC'S victory.

So as the economic hardships and bad governance from Npp will make this election the most inexpensive victory NDC will ever win.

If only JDM sits up well, accepting and acknowledges the reality of some leadership not wanting his victory at all cost to punishment him. JDM working and strategies with those who will die to see him as a President again.

JDM should look beyond his spectacle those who come to sing praising songs of his victory being a done deal, at where? from where? Because of the leadership position.

JDM should be listing and be listing very well from hungry nobodies advice for his victory. The nobodies are those on the ground and carry the most votes.

JDM should know we voted for him JDM and the NDC for victory, not for any power brokers, or special individuals.

JDM should break any walls around him to be accessible. One of the big reasons for them wanting a new face to lead.

The sitting MPs today, Most of them are complaining bitterly I hear and some to me, about they can't have access to JDM as MPs. JDM should get a special number for just only sitting MPs only. no exceptions some of them laments to me.

JDM should look around him where are most of those he empowered? Where most of those he gave appointments today.

JDM should look around .where are most of the stakeholders doing his bidding in the media, like they wanted to lead NDC? Or campaigning for him now, in social media and media outlets/today.

Some stakeholders I have spoken too are also waiting for JDM call or invitation to help him win. Most of them are feeling sidelined or neglected.

I can't wait to sit with my Big brother JDM one of these days. To Bench him to sit up if we have won this difficult victory. To Bench him, I don't want him travelling outside the country for at least Six months for us to do some serious ground works around the villages, not the cities for now.

JDM should give 50% of the election burden to my brother Haruna Iddrisu, and see how his impact will bring others on board his victory.

Anyway, time will tell. Allah/God help us with victory