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General News of Saturday, 9 July 2011

Source: citifmonline

Stan Dogbe and Nyaunu trade heavy 'blows'

The venue for the NDC’s ‘historic’ National Delegates Congress witnessed isolated heated events on the eve of the election, as leading members of the two contenders for the NDC flagbearer contest, Hon. Michael Teye Nyaunu and Presidential Aide Stan Dogbe, traded heated words during a discussion set up by the Citi FM Election Centre crew.

Hon. Nyaunu, Campaign Coordinator for Mrs. Konadu Agyemang Rawlings ended up describing Mr. Stan Dogbe as a “nincompoop who did not deserve to work at the presidency”.

It all started when Stan Dogbe referred to Hon Teye Nyaunu as a 'dudui element', loosely translated to mean one who is surplus to requirements in the Ga dialect.

According to Hon. Nyaunu, persons like Stan Dogbe are to blame for the mess in the NDC government. Hon. Nyaunu, who was on the panel together with Mr. Stan Dogbe and Deputy Tourism Minister James Agyenim-Boateng, repeated the Konadu camp’s concerns that the Government had failed to create jobs for NDC foot soldiers with the excuse that they had no basic qualification such as Mathematics and English to be engaged by the security services.

According to him, a foot soldier did not need to have passes in mathematics or English to put out a fire.

He said the NDC should have learnt from the NPP, which enrolled many of its members into the Army, Police and Fire Service.

“The people voted for benefits and not for pleasure” he said.

Hon. Nyaunu also reiterated the camp’s allegations that delegates were being bribed and induced to vote for President Mills with his latest claim being that, some female delegates of the party have been given cloths and MASLOC loans at the Residency of the Eastern Regional Minister a few days before the congress.

However, Mr. Stan Dogbe, felt that the vociferous Member of Parliament was not making any point in his comments.

“Do you get the logic in the argument?” he asked listeners.

Mr. Dogbe said the allegation that women were being bribed with cloths and MASLOC loans is irrelevant.

According to him, the said women had applied for the loans and once they met the requirements, they had to be given the monies.

“It is very clear that when you listen to them, they (Konadu camp)have no issues with development. They do not care whether this country gets developed or not. They have never spoken about Mills’ record as far as developing Ghana is concerned. All they have said is that 'the NPP did that and when we came we did not do that'. And then they say that the party people are hungry and are not getting help.

"In other words, when we came to office, we did not go back to the looting that the NPP came to do in this country. We should have looted the State and shared it with NDC faithfuls. In other words, is a Nana Konadu Government going to be one that will steal the country’s resources for purpose of giving them out to people in their camp?” he asked.

“We were in this country when journalists and the NDC complained about how people were wrongly enrolled into the Police Service. Sometime back, we had only a certain set of police people who were going for UN operations and it was because there was a bulk of people in the Service who could not read and write so even when they were pushed to the service, they were not able to pass the exams by the UN” he claimed.

“It is disgraceful for an MP who has children that he is educating, instead of encouraging that we should send our people to school and help them to upgrade their educational qualifications, sits here and says that 'do people need mathematics and English to get a job.' Is a Nana Konadu Government of which he says he is going to be a potential Chief of Staff of, going to collapse the education sector? English and Maths everywhere is basic because you need it to move on. You are going to collapse the educational system and we do not want that”.

“Again, he talks about jobs, how many jobs was Carridem (owned by the 31st Dec Women's movement headed by Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings)able to offer the NDC people in the Nsawam Constituency? Carridem was collapsing but thanks to this Government Carridem came back. It did not come back on merit but it came back onto its feet because the NDC under President Mills came back to power. It is true that people will need various forms of assistance but are members of FONKAR saying that they have never been assisted in anyway by the NDC Government?” he asked.

The discussion got nasty, when Mr. Dogbe in responding to claims that the Rawlingses had been neglected since their residence was razed down, described Hon. Teye Nyaunu as "dudui", a Ga word which means surplus to requirements or does not matter in the larger scheme of things.

“So dudui elements like Teye Nyaunu, cannot be speaking for the Former President” Stan Dogbe said.

Mr. Nyaunu responded sharply by asking to know the meaning of the word dudui, but instinctively, it appears that he knew he had been insulted.

But Stan Dogbe went on: “Teye Nyaunu tells us that he was a cadre for all these years. So what did he get. Were you given any post? Hon. Teye Nyaunu, you are cheap and you do not have any message for the delegates. You do not know anything and you cannot campaign on anything. Former President Rawlings has not said anything so stop saying what you are saying. We will not win elections on vindictiveness and vengeance as you are doing.

"Honourable, sit down and lets finish the debate. If you have any strong point sit down and let’s debate”.

At this point, Hon. Nyaunu could not take it any longer as he launched a reprisal.

“I got my training in Russia and that is bearing on what I am doing now. You are cheapening yourself. Shame on you Stanley. Stanley you are such a shame to the Presidency. Is that the way you behave? No wonder we are having problems in the NDC. If we have nincompoops like you at the Castle, no wonder things are so bad. Bull***t

"Stanley, today I have seen how empty you are. NPP was so smart. Stanley, I thought you were wise but I never knew you are a nincompoop. I never knew you are an idiot like this. Stanley you are too much of a shame. Bull***t man, a nincompoop like you” he said.

Tempers finally cooled down after a frank exchange of views, with the two men shaking hands and telling the audience "what ever the outcome of the elections, the NDC remains supreme."