Shatta Wale’s 'Gringo' lyrically empty - Stephen Anti | Entertainment 2018-04-30
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Entertainment of Monday, 30 April 2018


Shatta Wale’s 'Gringo' lyrically empty - Stephen Anti

Ace Journalist with media giant TV3, has added his voice to the trending video of shatta wale dubbed ‘Gringo’ . According to him the most talked about song in Ghana currently, Gringo , from Self acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale who has more ‘ Jama’ songs to his name than dancehall songs as ‘ lyrically empty’ .

Since the release of Shatta Wale’s 'Gringo' music video on Friday 27th April, it has amassed social media buzzing as many have praised him for its ultra-captivating visuals on the video.

Another section of social media users are of the view that the 7-minutes music video looks more like a movie and that the song itself lasted for 1 minutes , 44 seconds and doubted shatta Wale’s lyrically prowess.

Although, the video is trending , some social media users who are ‘ objective ‘ have eulogized the video for its quality visuals but complained of the ‘lyrical content’ of the song.

Broadcaster , Stephen Anti happens to be one of the critics who took to his official facebook page to comment on the trending song. According to him the lyrical content of the song is nothing to write home about . He branded the ‘ Gringo’ song as ‘ lyrically empty’

He attached the lyrics of the song to buttress his point . On his facebook page he wrote:

“I just want to say Gringo is lyrically empty.. Lyrics: Shatta Wale –

Yeah Joint, jus lemme know when di ting ready
Ah yeah
Mmm, leff dem

Verse 1:
Shout out to man gringo
Yes gringo, ringo
Wha’ happen
Hey Mandingo
Oya make me tell dem
Me never see nuh badman weh ah wear kaba
K3 sugar daddy fey
Am3 k33 maaba
If ah gyal say picture, me nuh say nah, nah
Everybody know me run dis town, yahman
Kudi, Kudi we ah smoke inna every corner
Ask ’bout Shatta Movement inna Ghana
Gyal dema whine when dem hear da number one banger
I like dema twerk
Can’t date Gaga

Me dey and still ah hear what dem all are talking ’bout
Bad mind, fake friends me see dem walking out
If ah dem mute
I go talk about dancehall now

Verse 2:
If to haffi really to date a gyal
Me ah go date Cardi B
Woah, gyal so sleek
Gyal body hot like water weh yah bubble inna bath
Mmm, me nuh want to talk
‘member every soldier know haffi live inna di bush
Ah we rasta can show you di right kush
You seh unnu ah dancer
Come wit ya coun’ nush
If u issa man beat ah gyal – dat ah bush

Me dey and still ah hear what dem all are talking ’bout
Bad mind, fake friends me see dem walking out
If ah dem mute
I go talk about dancehall now

Verse 3:
If ah nah me?
Who ah go talk ’bout it
Kenya, Ghana
If ah gyal seh push
Make sure you push it inna womb
Make sure she ah bad like wuu!
If you got a long cock, make sure you put it inna
Cuh di woman dem like it used
If you reach out, that’s nice
Slow down the dose before unnu ah go meet ???
Bwoy dis ah mi farmland
Me nuh wan’ see no bwoy fly over it like a crow
Bwoy watch ya mouth
Watch how you talk, cuz dis badman you see can act very cold
POW!! “

The music video was the most expensive video from Shatta Wale.The Video was directed by internationally recognized video director, Sesan, for Film Factory and produced by David Nguyen and was unveiled on MTVBase, Channel 322 on DSTV on Friday April 27, 2018.