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General News of Friday, 18 February 2022


Satan was the first coup maker in history - Kumchacha

Prophet Nicholas Osei (Kumchacha) play videoProphet Nicholas Osei (Kumchacha)

#FixTheCountry convener arrested for threatening coup

Kumchacha condemns coup mongers

Coup stalls national development, Kumchacha

The founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Nicholas Osei, also known as Kumchacha, has stated that any individual who tolerates the idea of coup d’état is a devil.

According to the church leader, the phenomenon of usurping authority takes its roots from the days of creation when the devil (Lucifer) attempted to rebel against God.

Speaking in an interview with Oman Channel, Kumchacha noted that the genesis of coup d’état makes it a devilish act which invariably makes anyone that tolerates it to be a devil himself.

“Any human who plans a coup is a devil. Just speaking about a coup and wishing for one to happen as a citizen of a country you are a devil. Someone might ask who am I saying that, the person who brought a coup to the world is the devil.

“When you read the bible, you understand God’s supremacy and authority which no one can take away from him. But the devil who is called Lucifer was able to convince one-quarter of the angels in heaven to rebel against God to remove him from his supreme throne and take over. He staged a coup in heaven but he failed and the led God to banish him and his cohorts to earth. The first person to stage a coup is the devil so anyone who is a coup monger is a devil as well,” Kumchacha said.

Kumchacha was speaking on the recent arrest of #FixTheCountry convener, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, who has been charged with felony treason for threatening to “do a coup” if the E-Levy which is currently a bill before parliament is passed into law.

According to Kumchacha, it is unwise for anyone to wish or plot a coup owing to the consequences it comes with.

Relating his position to the days when Ghana was under military rule, Kumchacha noted that a coup era comes with serious effects on the freedoms of citizens.

Among other things, he stated that the coup delays national growth and development.

“With the effects of a coup, it is will be easy like having me sit here nicely dressed and speaking to you like this. When a coup is staged not even a pastor can go to church, traders cannot go out and trade, the mechanic is stopped from working and nobody else can effectively go about their work.

"A coup also comes with severe hunger, bloodshed and various incidents we wouldn’t want to witness in this country. You can ask about the bloodshed and brutalities that occurred when Rawlings staged a coup in 1979,” he stated.