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General News of Saturday, 26 February 2022


Russia-Ukraine: Let’s pray conflict does not turn into 3rd world war -Political Analyst to public

Dr George Kobina Domfeh Dr George Kobina Domfeh

A Political Analyst and Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Policy Studies, University of Ghana, Dr George Kobina Domfeh has urged the public to pray that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine does not turn into the 3rd world war.

According to him, from they way things have started between the two countries, if the conflict is not aborted as soon as possible, it may turn into the 3rd world war.

That, he admitted will affect all countries economically, and as well pose health risks to others including Ghana.

He also noted that a lot of people will die if the conflict escalates.

Russian forces launched a major assault on Ukraine, firing missiles on cities and military targets.

The invasion by land, air and sea began after a pre-dawn TV address where Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that Ukraine’s military lay down its arms.

Initial reports of casualties included Ukrainian civilians and soldiers, and Russian troops.

Dozens of people have been killed, including about 10 civilians. Six died in an air strike in Brovary near the capital Kyiv. A man was also killed in shelling outside the major north-eastern city of Kharkiv.

A Ukrainian presidential adviser said that more than 40 soldiers had died and many more were wounded.

Ukraine said it had killed 50 Russian troops and shot down six Russian aircraft, but this has not been verified.

Speaking on Atinka TV‘s morning show, Ghana Nie, with Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu, Dr George Kobina Domfeh noted that since guns were not the only weapons used to fight war now, the perpetrators can use chemical weapons which could pose health threats to people in other countries.

Due to this, he urged that prayers are made against the conflict so that it ends as soon as possible.

“When you look at Global politics, you can tell China and Russia are united, North Korea can help Russia, should in case there is war, the countries that will Russia is China and China is the second largest power in the world when it comes to weapons.

North Korea is also very powerful when it comes to wars, even though economically they are not doing so well so I know very well that when it comes to war, China and North Korea will support Russia and there are some countries in Asia that do not agree with NATO and the US and so if there is war, they will all back Russia,” he said.

Dr George Kobina Domfeh added that, "If care is not taken, this can bring the 3rd world war. If the third world war comes then things will be very difficult. The people that will die be plenty.

In recent times, it is not just guns people fight with. When they use chemical weapons, it goes through the air and so it can happen that they can release a chemical weapon and we in Ghana that have not said anything will experience it and that is why we in Ghana have to pray that what is going on will not become a third world war,” he said.

He continued that, "If it becomes a third world war, they will release chemicals and the sicknesses that will come cannot be compared to covid.”