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Tabloid News of Sunday, 17 July 2022

Source: Kwame Kyei

Run out of abusive relationship - Actress urges women

Deborah N. Diamond is an actress Deborah N. Diamond is an actress

An actress cum relationship activist, Deborah N. Diamond has urged all young people to make a firm and bold decision about whom they intend to choose as lifetime partners to avoid regrets or abusive relationships in the future.

According to the Actress, many people have entered into a relationship and possible marriages which should a window be given to them, they would leave due to the abuse and torture inflicted physically and psychologically by partners

Miss Diamond noted that many young people perceive that the person before him or her today, is the only option and hence are rushed to make hasty decisions which the ramifications are regrets and abusive marriages.

“We forget in a hurry that what is important about marriage is who we marry. When you choose a life partner, you choose many things. The person you choose today will have a significant impact on your life. Their lifestyle is considerably going to affect and influence your life” Miss Diamond stressed.

The actress reiterated that marriage is not a journey that the decision should be made in a haste but rather must be purposeful by identifying crucial aspects of the individual to be a prospective spouse to avoid any mishaps and regrets before it extends to an abusive relationship or marriage which can lead to death or deformity to the individual.

“there are deal-breakers we need to address before considering them as spouses. In that respect, anything that resembles or has any tendency of abuse, please do not align with; many abuse cases we see today have their roots in the courtship stage. Most of the signs were shown, but they were overlooked because we thought that love would work them out” she added.

She echoed that young people in their quest to search for life partners must seek advice from appropriate quarters and also be vigilant in looking out for “red flags” because not only prayers will work if common sense is not applied to the apex.

“when they start showing signs and the red flags, do not hope that they might change over time. If you marry wrong, your mental health will suffer. You will suffer all kinds of abuse and ultimately die” she stated.

Miss Diamond urged young people not to condone pressure from society and religion to stay in abusive relationship and also take decisions that the consequence would not have an adverse significance on them.