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Opinions of Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Columnist: Meriga, Ibrahim Mahmoud

Rot At DUR, Kumasi (Part 2)

In sequel to my previous investigations into the dubious procurement and award of contracts under the corrupt leadership of Ing. Theodore Quaye and Naim Iddrissa, the young corrupt, manipulative and pretentious Quantity Surveyor at DUR, Kumasi.

My sources at the department reveal to me that, all contracts are awarded by either the MRE or he/she delegates that function to their Maintenance Engineer. Why is it so different under Theodore Quaye in Kumasi? Has Abraham Danquah misconducted himself? Or is Theodore Quaye trying his damnest best to conceal his corrupt dealings by allowing Naim Iddrissa to perform the most important role in the execution of his functions as the MRE?

Investigations conducted into the corrupt dealings at DUR, Kumasi reveal that the Quaye-led department has selected about five (5) main contractors who have been awarded pothole patching, resealing works, grading, gravelling and drains in the Kumasi metropolis. I am urging National Security or BNI to investigate the award of contracts since Theodore Quaye took over in 2009 by examining all the contracts awarded under Quaye. Out of the five (5) contractors are three (3) namely MMANAB, Graft-Kent Enterprise, Alaga Enterprise and Crest-Link Enterprise are working as surrogates for both Theodore Quaye and Naim Iddrissa.

The principal contractors are MMANAB, Graft-Kent Enterprise, Alaga Enterprise and Crest-Link Enterprise owned by NPP activist-turned-NDC-mole Emmanuel Aboagye and are working for Ing. Theodore Quaye and Naim Iddrissa, the Quantity Surveyor who is building two storey buildings in Accra and Sunyani respectively. As a Quantity Surveyor with barely ten (10) years experience under the belt, he earns over GHC500,000 annually from these companies. Naim, I am told, boastfully claims that he is untouchable, because the new DUR Director Alhaji Abbas Owuno is his religious and Northern brother and this is their time.

My intelligence sources say that, this Emmanuel Aboagye fellow worked in the Chief of Staff's Office under NPP. He worked closely with the late MP for Atiwa. They were both in charge of Confiscated Vehicles at the Castle. He stole over fifty (50) confiscated vehicles after NPP lost power in 2008 and hid these vehicles in Kumasi. He was able to sell them one by one, the National Security was on his heels, but I suspect the quid pro quo was turn him into a key informant in the Ashanti Region.

One former colleague of Emmanuel Aboagye, at the Castle, who spoke to me on strict condition of anonymity, remarked thus, "after criminally stealing over fifty confiscated vehicles belonging to the state, he has now turned "Supergrass" and a key informant for the NDC in the Ashanti Region". An opportunistic young man that he is, he has weaved his way into the Mahama household, specifically Peter and Alfred, according to my sources. This ungrateful and loudmouth Emmanuel Aboagye feeds the NDC with NPP happenings. The Mahamas are welcome to this dangerous, erratic and ungrateful Emmanuel Aboagye, as they will live to tell their stories one day, as one day when the tables turn, opportunist Emmanuel Aboagye will unleash his venom on them.

Again, a close friend of Emmanuel Aboagye, who spoke to me on condition of anonymity had this to say "Aboagye must learn to pay his debts, as his creditors are fed up with his lies about his inability to pay his mounting debts and stop boasting about his illegal acquisition of illegimate wealth. "What has Aboagye done with his life after leaving KNUST, apart from the political patronage under NPP and now as an informant to the NDC", he retorted in exasperation.

A relative of Emmanuel Aboagye who has fallen out with him had this to tell me, "my brother Kwasi Aboagye is hellbent on satisfying his new paymasters and will go to any length to destroy people who made him what he is today". He goes no to say, "the way he sometimes speaks of Mr. Kojo Mpiani, the former Chief of Staff, in derogatory terms, as if Mr. Mpiani had nothing to do with what he is today. But all of us are very grateful to Mr. Mpiani for giving Emmanuel Aboagye his breakthrough in life, by allowing him to do his National Service in his office".

A classmate of Emmanuel Aboagye at KNUST remarked thus, "what do you expect from a nonentity from Kotei, who did not think of owning a car, let alone financial independence to conduct himself in the midst of powerbrokers". He goes on, "Emmanuel Aboagye has no conscience and always boasting about material things, and will destroy anybody who knows his beginnings in Kotei reminds him about that". Also, he undermines political friends, associates,opponents and contractors at ease by fabricating stories against them". When will Ghanaian politicians learn to treat the likes of Emmanuel Aboagye with the contempt he deserves?

Now back to Theodore Quaye, he runs the outfit with iron fists and the staff are tight-lipped and scared to talk to my correspondents, apparently the staff were very protective of Theodore "Mugabe" Quaye. One did speak on condition of anonymity, thus, "Quaye, Abraham and Naim are all working as contractors and it is sickening. They gone on to say, "in my fifteen odd years here, I haven't seen such greed of this magnitude by the management". The National Security or BNI must investigate all contracts awarded under Theodore Quaye, to establish the veracity or otherwise of these fraudulent way of spending the Ghanaian taxpayers' money.

My source says, "Naim Iddrissa is now the Metropolitan Roads Engineer (MRE) in Kumasi, whether we like it or not" and he boasts about it by telling every contractor that with Alhaji Suleimana, the Minister of Roads and Highways and Alhaji Abbas Onwuno as the Director for Urban Roads, not even the Chief Director of the Ministry can transfer him from Kumasi". The Minister is a fellow Wala man, like myself, and Abbas is my Muslim and Northern brother. That article on the Internet will come to nothing and my tenure in Kumasi is guaranteed by my brother, the Minister and Abbas, the Director. Naim boastfully claims to have spoken to Abbas about my first article, and convinced about the source and the need to treat it with contempt, and everything is under control. This is our time, we are also making money like Roland Agambire of rLG, whether these Kumasi people like it or not", Naim confided in a contractor friend. Quaye and I will deal with anybody and nothing will happen, we have already started transferring unreliable staff, with the Maintenance Engineer being the first casualty and the attaches following.

My intelligence sources at the office informs me that, the Head Office has asked the Kumasi office to release all attaches but Theodore Quaye is defying them and keeping Eunice Sam and her friends at post. True to form, Theodore Quaye has asked innocent colleagues to leave and has set spies on his fellow colleagues in the office. Thoedore Quaye and Naem Iddrissa are seriously fighting over the heart and attention of precocious Eunice Sam, that it has begun to affect the morale of staff at the department.

Now we are waiting on the Minister of Roads and Transport, Chief Director and Director of Department of Urban Roads to act on this matter before I come out with the explosive third part of my series.

Stay tuned for the explosive Part 3

Ibrahim Mahmoud Meriga,

The Scandal In Ghana Public Service,

Accra New Town