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Crime & Punishment of Monday, 18 June 2018


Robbers escape as police fire shots at Bonya in Koforidua

About six masked armed men managed to escape into a nearby bush moments after the police patrol team laid an ambush at a house in which they were carrying out their operations.

The armed robbers who had kept some residents of Bonya, a suburb of Koforidua hostage for several hours, took time to break down their metal security doors before robbing them of their properties such as Flat screen TVs, Laptops, Mobile phones and some foreign and local currencies in the early hours of Sunday.

After they were successful in robbing two houses in the area, they were busily carrying out their operation in a third house, when the police patrol team got to the scene and laid ambush.

After firing warning shots, the robbers sensing danger took to their heels through a bush way.

Kwasi Anim, a victim of the robbery narrated the incident to Citi News.

“I was asleep with my family around 1:00am when I heard a loud bang on my door, so I knew it was armed robbers trying to force their way. I quickly made some calls to get assistance, the noise continued for more than 40 minutes because my security door is very strong and within that period I moved my pregnant wife and kids to a different room, shortly after that they gained access to the house”.

“I had turned off the lights so after they came in they stood there for more than 20 minutes without moving as I also stood in the opposite direction with my bulldog in the dark. After some time their leader ordered them to move in; they went to where my family were, they then asked me to control the dog and come out or they will shoot my wife so I came out and they demanded that I give them money which I obliged and gave them GHC 1,300 and USD 100 which I had on me.”

Kwasi Anim continued that, “They were satisfied after taking my flat screen TV, mobile phones and laptops and my kids’ tablet, so they moved to my neighbour’s house which is just steps away and began destroying the security doors like they did here. It was within that time when they were in my neighbour’s house that the police came around, but I cannot really tell as to how they managed to escape after I heard gunshots.”

Dr. Edwin Okoampa Boadu, another victim, managed to attack one of the robbers who had put down his hammer to open the trap door to his house.

“After hearing the noise from my neighbor Akwasi’s house, I moved to my kids’ room to check on them, and as soon as I entered I saw a gun pointing on me from the window instructing me to open the door or they shoot them; but my kids run to me and I quickly took them to a safety spot”.

“They destroyed my security cameras and started breaking my security door, so I decided to move out through a different exit to get help, and as soon as I opened the door, I saw one of them who was trying to open my trap door; he tried reaching for his hammer which was on the floor but I hit him and he fell flat on his back. I then moved to another neighbour’s house to seek help; a few minutes later they opened up after noticing my voice and we began making calls”.

Dr. Edwin Okoampa said “as I stood on the wall of my neighbours, I saw the police patrol car and the lights on, and some few minutes the police fired a shot which the robbers also returned but when we came out, the robbers had escaped using the bush close by. We later retrieved our flatscreen TVs including my neighbour’s own in the bush”.

Dr. Edwin Okoampa Boadu is pleading with government to build a security post in the area which is a developing site.

“I have always maintained that governments do not take the security of citizens serious; all the street lights and poles, grading of the road was done by members here in the area. We used our own money to do those projects because we find ourselves in this newly developing area, but what the assembly knows is to be on our backs for taxes, levies and property rates. On the issue of development and our security, it does not bother them. We need a security check post here and I believe it will help reduce crime in the municipality.”