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Opinions of Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi

Rejoinder: Call Fadi Dabbousi to order

By Fadi Dabbousi

Page 83 of the book “59 Years to Nowhere…and Counting - the Future is Now” reads, and I quote: “The unfriendly development of cities and towns leaves much to be desired. It is indicative of the inherent corruption of the system, which, ridiculously, is almost impossible to wash away; quite like wiping wet and smelly faeces with a soiled rag that just spreads and covers a wider space - a necessary chore in total futility.”

I say Amen to that! Doesn’t it speak to the issues bedeviling us in this country? When the nefarious activities of thieves are exposed, they hire empty barrels to make the most noise in an effort to cover up. They end up creating a bigger mess. The above quote, underlined, cannot be overemphasised.

Joseph Siaw Agyepong met some serial callers a while back to implement his agenda. He gave each an amount of GHs200 to defend his shameful activities because he thought that under the new government, his impunity would go unquestioned as in the days of his darling friends in the NDC.

He has quite some audacious caprices, I admit. Well I’ve got news for him, IT JUST WOULD NOT WORK! The numskulls whom he rented to write that obnoxious article, which, really, did not make sense except to say that it smacked of a sheer intent to cause vexatious malice, must know that in our bid to expose the corruption and suspected fraud that have deprived Ghanaians off education, sanitation (quite paradoxically, albeit), food on the table and many other comforts, we are correcting the system to ameliorate the living standards of posterity that they are not keen on factoring into the equation.

Besides, using the NDC newspapers to execute Jospong’s agenda indicates in no uncertain terms his undivorceable marriage to the NDC. Such is the status quo till now, and he thinks Ghanaians are blind!

What they do not understand is that by taking coins from a thief, not only are they condemning their souls, but, also, that of their own wives, husbands, children, relatives, friends, friends of friends, and the entire nation, to hell. What they do not know is that for meager coins, they are allowing fraudulent characters to dupe the state hundreds of millions of Ghana Cedis and US Dollars.

So while the fraudsters, bandits, crooks, enjoy their booties, these senseless puppets wallow in poverty, sweating putridly as they hop along from trotro to trotro in a frantic bid to make it on time at improper venues to take their bribes that hardly put food on the table for three days. They can’t even afford detergent to wash their smelly clothes regularly.

Instead of joining the struggle to curb the corruption menace or, at least, stifle it somewhat such that the system would begin to function and self-cleanse, they jump at the least opportunity to defile the sanctity of the discerning Ghanaian with loud and lewd pronouncements.

Now back to Joseph Siaw Agyepong, I dare him to speak to the issues that I have spelled out. In fact, when he sued me for defamation, I thanked GOD because it was going to accord me the opportunity to strip him naked with references to dubious bank transactions, cheques, and others, details of which I have in sequential order that I was going to reveal during the trial.

However, alas, the case was thrown out of court in the very first session. Instead of keeping quiet, he is foolishly massaging the corridors of power thinking he will get favours. We know that he is trying to influence people to issue instructions in his favour. We will soon come clear on this one, too.

Has he quickly forgotten that Gbevlo Lartey held a gun to him for trespassing when he sought to bribe the security capo for a favour? Did he think that Gbevlo would stoop low to be bribed by him? If Gbevlo ever took a bribe, it certainly was not Jospong’s.

What about that dubious contract that the Ministry for Local Government wants to abrogate that he is busy lobbying certain people to maintain? That 14 million US Dollar contract, which was later hiked up monstrously to $74 million US Dollars in connivance with NDC thieves for almost no work done? So does he think that the new authorities would listen to the sham statement by a group of unpatriotic urchins especially that we simply want to set the records straight? By the way, do those people that he bribes to sing his praises know the huge fraud that he is suspected of? We don’t think so! They are just doing his bid because they are hungry.

Listen to what we are telling you now, Mr Siaw Agyepong, “all that we seek to achieve is a reversal of your corrupt practices. We have no interest in destroying any business of yours except to bring you to book so that whatever monies you have defrauded the nation off will return to the coffers. You can have as many contracts from government as possible, if you come clean, but you shall not be allowed to screw us over, not now not ever! So go to hell if you are irritated, after all, you hardly understand civility, let alone simple language.

Mr Joseph Siaw Agyepong, if you want a showdown, bring it on and make our day! We shall not relent in our bid to defend the poor, voiceless Ghanaian against your criminal practices. At least they have us to speak for them, and we shall do so loudly enough to be heard in the heavens. Shame on you!