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General News of Thursday, 3 March 2022


Rawlings didn’t do anything about the economy after 1981 coup – Zaya Yeebo

Jerry John Rawlings Jerry John Rawlings

Zaya Yeebo has indicated that Rawlings' coup did not add anything to Ghana's economy

He said coups disintegrate the society

He stressed coup is not an option that anybody should consider

Zaya Yeebo, a member of the then Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC), has stated that there is no relevance of military uprisings in the development of countries across the world.

According to him, coups do not achieve their intended objectives, due to the lack of unity of purpose amongst the plotters.

In an interview on Joy News, the former Youth and Sports Secretary observed that JJ Rawlings's 1981 takeover in Ghana, the then Head of State did not focus on developing the country.

“Under the Limann regime, one of the things we usually complained about was the state of the economy. And yet when the PNDC came to power, the first year, basically we didn’t even touch the economy. Anytime you mention the issue of the economy, Rawlings and Kojo Tsikata will say, ‘oh no .. leave the economy alone to us’; but they never did anything, and that’s why there was so much hardship in 1983. They didn’t touch the economy.

"Because they were so much interested in consolidating political power. So we spent a lot more time arguing amongst ourselves, fighting for control of certain sectors of the economy and society and so on.

"So basically I think that military regimes are the worst periods for economic transformation."

Zaya Yeebo also stressed that the reason why many economies are affected after a coup is that, investors become skeptical about the country, and this adversely impacts the economy.

Yeebo, who was speaking at the back of Professor Raymond Atuguba's public lecture suggesting that the current economic situation could trigger a coup, maintained coups disintegrate the society, and therefore looking back at his experiences, it’s not an option that anybody should consider.


Professor Atuguba, at a public forum in Accra, referenced one Samuel Huntington’s PhD thesis and said the current economic situation could trigger a coup.

"We do not want a coup in this country yet I fear that if we do not act quickly, we may have one on our hands very soon. A former colleague doctoral PhD student wrote his dissertation also on Ghana.

"He now teaches at a War College in the US. Whilst my topic was on the Ghana Police, his topic was on the Ghana military.

"Naturally, our paths intersected and we have remained friends since. My friend’s PhD thesis was on the topic ‘Why certain coups succeed and why others fail;’ his case study was Ghana.

"My current assessment that Ghana may be ripe for a coup partly springs from the knowledge I gained from accompanying my friend through part of his doctoral research on this topic.

"It does not help matters when we consider Samuel Huntington’s thesis on the snowballing effect of coups in the sub-region and the closeness of recent coups to home. A big part of why certain coups succeed and others fail is the economy. What is the state of Ghana’s economy today?" Prof. Atuguba questioned.

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