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Opinions of Monday, 10 March 2014

Columnist: Dentaa, Efua

RE: Police Officer Opens Fire in Cal Bank Banking Hall

Regarding this story on your website, according to an official of the bank branch, security officers at the bank sell parking spaces to shoppers in Accra. Nathaniel did not pay for parking. One of the security officers of the bank sent the police officer to go after Nathaniel and ask him to move his car when he was actually a customer of the bank who transacted business that day. Recording of the bank official saying this is available.

Reports reaching Nathaniel's legal team indicate that the PR Machinery of the Ghana Police Service is trying to spin this unfortunate incident by saying Nathaniel held the firearm of the officer. How then, was the officer able to fire 3 times, and did the holding of the firearm justify the officer shooting an unarmed man and injuring 2 others? How does the Ghana Police Service justify this?

The CCTV cameras at Cal Bank caught everything on camera. This footage should be released to the Ghana Police who obviously do not know what they are talking about and to the Ghanaian public so the public can judge for themselves.

Thank you.

Efua Dentaa,

Publicist for Nathaniel Nortey.

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