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General News of Tuesday, 18 January 2022


Praise and pillory for Franklin Cudjoe after critical Facebook post on government debt

Franklin Cudjoe at a meeting with President Akufo-Addo | File photo Franklin Cudjoe at a meeting with President Akufo-Addo | File photo

Franklin Cudjoe writes about rising debt

the Imani Africa CEO asks government to go to the IMF and not be shy

Social media users praise and criticise his opinion

President and CEO of Imani Africa, a leading think tank, Franklin Cudjoe, has attracted praise and pillory over a critical Facebook post outlining how government debt was increasingly becoming unsustainable.

He also proferred solutions to the situation he described as a case of a ‘debt iceberg’ that was sinking the economy with ‘fewer lifeboats,’ before admonishing the government to seek help from the IMF and not to feel shy about doing so.

His post on Ghana’s economic woes

"We all fall on hard times and need some support from family and friends..but Government has driven the country into a debt iceberg and we are sinking with fewer lifeboats. And passerby ships that should care are simply smiling and waving at us...

We need to stop the debt clock by rationalising our expenditure plans and more... Meanwhile, government should talk to the IMF to help. We shouldn't be shy at all."

Reactions to the post

Cudjoe’s comments section was inundated with people – believed to be neutrals and pro-opposition voices praising him for a frank assessment and good recommendation.

Philip Agbeko Doe: “Their ego, arrogance and their past sin won't allow them to go to the IMF.”

Kobby Eben: “It is just sinking like Titanic. Those who preached they can manage the economy better are now preaching on E-LEVY and educating Ghanaians on the importance of paying taxes as if people don't pay taxes in this country.”

David Makafui Dornyo: “When Hon Adongo and co were raising the caution flags long ago, they were called names... Even in the face of the glaring evidence, the finance minister insists the economy is robust.”

Elikplim Gebu: “You cannot perpetually live on borrowing or on another's generosity. Should they decide to pull the carpet under your feet, you either go hungry or become their slave. LGBTQ on my mind. What resources do we not have in this country, yet.

James Anto: “Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur wo boɔ nie. NPP no no. When you referee from afar you think is easy until you're given the referee's whistle and boots then you realize that there's sweat inside his jersey. Paper knowledge Vrs Pracrical/Experience knowledge. Dolly, Dolly IMF yɛreba”

On the other hand, persons who accept government explanation on the current economic challenges have either challenged his position of taken a swipe at his view point.

Asiamah Kingsley: “You are the same person against Govt broadening the tax net through e-levy. Asking govt to go and talk to IMF, those European countries tax their citizens hence there's no need going to IMF to borrow. Why Africa - Ghana?

“Be consistent in life and give intellectual advice. I want to hear you speak about how government can generate money locally to meets his needs which outweighs him.
Until that I will continue to keep your statement in a dustbin

Ezina Kodjo Adjoe: “Heheheheeee. I thought you were a member of the 40-man investigation team that investigated the depreciation of the cedi. What did you find?”

Karim Moro: “This so called tin tank and their double standard today this tomorrow that is killing our democracy why won't you advise the minority to vote for e= levy so that the government will mobilize more money for development.”

Daniel Okai Asare: “No honest person can talk about the state of the economy without reference to the negative impart of covid. Franklin Cudjoe has become so cheap and pedestrian. He thinking long ago so he has no tank.”

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