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Health News of Friday, 25 June 2021

Source: Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana

Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana on the assertation that 30% of medicines in Ghana are fake

PSGH demands that the evidence for this assertion PSGH demands that the evidence for this assertion

The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH) has noted with great concern a publication on and on some media portals attributed to Dr. Maxwell Antwi, Country Director of PharmAccess Ghana.

The publication states in part that “about 30% of medicines in Ghana are either fake or substandard”. The PSGH questions the basis of this assertion especially so when Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has over the years worked tirelessly to guarantee the safety, quality, and efficacy of both imported and locally manufactured medicines.

The PSGH wishes to state that current evidence does not support this assertion as Ghana is known to have one of the best regulated pharmaceutical sectors on the continent of Africa.

The PSGH demands that the evidence for this assertion should be made available to the stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry including the various regulators since such publications tend to be an indictment on all the efforts the pharmaceutical sector has been making to safeguard the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

However, if this alleged pronouncement is untrue, PharmAccess Ghana is to ensure that the article is retracted and an unqualified apology rendered to the various stakeholders as such publications have the tendency to engender a lack of confidence in the healthcare delivery system especially the pharmaceutical sector.

Whilst the PSGH lauds PharmAccess for the various initiatives to improve on the delivery of healthcare in Ghana, it wishes to caution that such sweeping pronouncements, if indeed true, should be avoided in the future as we all work towards ensuring access to safe, effective, affordable and quality medicines for our people.