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Regional News of Monday, 30 August 2021


Persistent downpour in Bolgatanga adversely affects businesses, workers

The rains have affected businesses play videoThe rains have affected businesses

Residents of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, are currently experiencing the peak of the rainy season.

This is a time that the rains mostly start from dawn, and rain for hours on end.

The development has impeded most workers and business people from effectively rendering their services.

Some of them shared their frustrations with Ghanaweb's Upper East Regional correspondent, Sarah Dubure.

A teacher, Mr. Joseph Anaba, noted, that most of the students have to cross rivers before getting to school, so anytime it rains heavily, they stay home.

" Some of them are also staying across rivers, so when they are coming and they see that the rain has poured heavily and the rivers are full of water, they can't cross, so because of that, attendance has drastically been low," He observed.

He added that they mostly missed their first lessons because the early morning prolonged rains hindered most of the pupils or learners from going to school early.

A khebab seller, Mr. Mathew Abire, lamented that he used to make sales up to GHC100 cedis a day, an amount that has now declined to 60 cedis.

"...And as for me, I don't have a fridge here. So where am I going to put the meat for the following day to come and sell?"

A broadcaster, Alhaji Malik Bansi, noted he is sometimes forced to ride his motorbike in the rain to work.

"Yesterday for instance, when I was going to work, it was raining and I had to go on my motor. The rain had me in and out, and that has even affected me," He said.

A fashion designer, Mr Robert Aduko, also complained that the downpour was adversely affecting his business because it hindered customers from coming over to patronize his services.

Mr. Aduko who is also into farming said that the development also affected the proper development of his corn.

He also expressed the fear that he might not get much yield as he usually did in previous years.