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Tabloid News of Thursday, 9 June 2022


Pastors should support sex before marriage – Dr Kwaku Sarbah

Kwaku Sarbah, Founder of Sabash Herbal Kwaku Sarbah, Founder of Sabash Herbal

Founder of Sabash Herbal, Dr. Kwaku Sarbah, has advised pastors to give way for their members to have sex before marriage.

According to him, a lot of pastors are not helping their members with the teachings of sex after marriage, and believes it is destroying marriages.

In an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor on Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’, he said, “They should be the ones encouraging us to have sex before marriage but they are rather advising against it. People go into marriages without having sex and they realize their partners do not meet up to the standard they expected of them. This leads to disappointment when it shouldn’t be the case.”

He believes it is important for couples to ‘taste’ themselves and be sure if they are impressed with other each other before taking the next step.

“If they don’t satisfy you, move on till you find someone who satisfies you and settle down with the person,” he said.

He stated that doing this, will guide them and save them a lot of stress in their marriage. This helps them identify their sexual preferences before marriage.

He furthered that, a lot of people who had sex after marriage mostly suffer failed marriages.

“So I believe, sex before marriage should be allowed and encouraged mostly by the men of God,” he noted.