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General News of Thursday, 8 July 2021


Pastors in Ghana need to pray for the country – Nigerian Prophet reiterates

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Prophet Emmanuel Chinonso Stephen play videoPresident Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Prophet Emmanuel Chinonso Stephen

• Prophet Emmanuel Chinonso Stephen says pastors in Ghana need to pray

• He stated that the prayer will avert the calamity that befalls the country

• Prophet Stephen had stated in his church that there will be a political tension in Ghana that will last for three years

Prophet Emmanuel Chinonso Stephen, the Nigerian clergyman, who prophecised that Ghana will be experiencing political tension that will last for three years, has admonished the pastors in Ghana to intercede for the country.

According to him, since he made this prophecy to the country in his church in Nigeria, he cannot tell if Ghanaians took it seriously, but the various ministers of God in the country need to raise their voices and intercede for the nation.

He said, he recently got a call from a Ghanaian friend who told him that his prophecy had started manifesting due to the recent happenings in the country.

“I am not following the trends and I don’t know if they have started praying and because I didn’t know that the manifestation of the prophecy has started that big, I have not taken my time to kneel and ask God what is the next face for Ghana…there should be prophets on that land, there should be those that God is using, let them raise their voices and organize a national [prayer]…so that the sins of the politicians will not be used against the citizens of Ghana,” Prophet Stephen explained to US-based Sinai Mountain Radio monitored by GhanaWeb.

He stated that, when two elephants are fighting, it is the grass that suffers “so, one thing they need to do is to pray.”

He indicated that, if he is made aware of when the national prayer will take place, he will find time to join the pastors to intercede for the country.

“Somebody like me, I can even join the prayer, if I’m privileged to be called upon then I will ask God what to do,” he stressed.

The Mountain of Grace and Glory Ministry Prophet in a viral video available to GhanaWeb, told his congregation that, Ghana will be experiencing political tension that will last for three years.

This political tension, the Prophet said, will begin immediately but it will bring in protest, riots in the form of a revolution that will claim a lot of lives in Ghana.

“..And the Lord opened my eyes, I saw the country of Ghana, the Lord told me that God’s people in Ghana should pray; I see political tension that will last for three years beginning immediately. I repeat what I saw is not just for 2021 in Ghana; the Lord said to me it will last for three years,” he said.

Prophet Chinonso Stephen explained in his prophecy that: “this thing I saw will bring in protest. I saw people die; I saw something that will be like a revolution. There will be hotness, people will not rest, people will be unrest.

"The Lord said to me, tell my people to pray and pass a warning unto the political leaders in Ghana that they shall hear my voice; let them not do what shall temper the blood of the innocent, that blood shall begin to speak.

The Lord said I should warn them that all God’s people in Ghana shall lift up their antenna high and pray a prayer of peace. I saw a tension and the Lord said to me it will last for three years; not just something that will happen in 2021 [but will go beyond]. I see protest, rioting; I see some people die.”

Prophet Emmanuel Chinonso Stephen reiterated that it is only through prayer that Ghanaians can avert the calamity that has to befall the country and he [the Lord] shall restore peace in the country.

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Watch the interview below.

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