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Opinions of Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Columnist: Pomeyie, Caroline

Our Fading Footprints

At the reception of a prestigious local bank in Accra sat a young fair lady with a pony tail behind the front desk. Meeting the needs of whoever comes in. There I sat by a dark skinned bloke, watching as people went to and fro. She smiles at whoever appears before her.
There was the sofa arranged in a U-shape with the centre table to match. At one corner behind the front desk officer, stood a beautiful artificial flower in a trapezoid vase. Sitting in the sofa, I watched as people walked past, the floor was tiled so they passed not leaving a foot print. The early part of the morning was very busy as people rushed in and out.
Then I suddenly felt a tinge of sadness, as it dawned on me that the movements of our lives were just like the scenes before me.
There comes a time when we have to speed up our footsteps to get to our destinations, to work out our purpose of existence. That reminds me, and there were two wall paintings, one which portrayed something like a whirlwind blowing over some objects, I didn’t really get the portraits clearly, but it sent this signal to my sixth sense once again, I realized that in the midst of all the rush, and movements there’s always a reason for every action we undertake.

Unconsciously, we all have a task to undertake to be able to stand firm when the whirlwind of life, such as pain, financial constraints, sickness and any other form of disaster that sometimes delays or blows off the destiny of man comes our way. All the guests were instinctively taking each step for a purpose. Each step moved them forward to their destinations, though it seemed to be a short space covered, each of them mattered because without one more step they would be static.
Finally, there was this glass frame behind the adorable lady on the wall with the company logo emblazoned on it. Then again, it triggered my memories to the foot print we leave behind after taking a step.
The only thing we leave behind after we are gone is the memories of us that others keep. How does your step affect others? Does it build them or demean them? Does it strengthen or weaken them? Each step we take in our lives is very important. The logo on the glass frame would remind people of the bank should it go into liquidation some day. It’s the people in the bank who affect our lives not the building. How do you accept or receive people into your life? Just like the lady at the front desk, if she should receive you rudely, it’s likely you would be eager to leave the place since you would not feel welcome.
She gives you the smile and the smile is with you through your mission. And you would be glad to visit there again.
There is a lot to learn in our day to day activities. Don’t let any learning opportunity pass without your notice. Your footprint can fade as the wind blows and the rains pour down. Watch your steps and keep up the pace. Let goodness be embedded in your steps so that your footprint will not fade easily.

Source: Caroline Pomeyie