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Opinions of Friday, 7 April 2017

Columnist: Musa, Mansa

Open letter to the president

His Excellency,


I write on the above subject that has attracted all kinds of comments from every corner of the NPP fraternity and wish to suggest to you not to accept Dr Addai Mensah’s position to withdraw his candidature for the above position on the merit of certain agitations and innuendos.

I wish to state emphatically that he is one of the best of our time to manage the institution which has lost her image and mandate to protect the masses.

The institution is fraught with many indecent dealings which tend to undermine the health security of the nation.

It is imperative at this historic hour of our national rebuilding process to select someone who understands his/ her mandate; someone with immeasurable commitment and fortitude to withstand the cartels in protection of the masses, and the person is no other than Dr Addai Mensah.

Mr. President, Ghana is in deep trouble because of our sinking moral values. Our criticism no longer hangs on objectivity but falsehood to project someone’s agenda. We are losing a lot of good people in our national reconstruction program because of silly politics and that is dangerous.

We agree to disagree in all civil discussions but there are certain dangerous few who cannot consent to any opposing view which brings Dr Addai Mensah into disrepute. He is very pragmatic, frank where he hates and very dogmatic when it comes to principles and that is an area certain people find him hard to crack.

Mr. President, sharks and vampires have ransacked our Standard Board Institution and FDA , and this is no news in Ghana today. As I speak, over 50% of our drug supply are fake and who is committed enough to check and circumvent this diabolical trend? How can our health insurance scheme function and survive under such cantankerous situation? I believe that the kind of appointments you make will define your success in this area because you cannot micro-manage all the institutions.

Dr Addai Mensah,as the youngest Head of Dept at KNUST is a man with a solid ambition and credentials to ensure compliance and standards in our nation. His ambition started when his pregnant wife nearly died during delivery as a result of a fake drug. It must be noted in passing that Anesthetists in Tamale Government Hospital went on strike because of fake drugs in the system which drives patients administered with anesthesia to open their eyes during surgery. Who are behind this fake drug menace?

Mr. President, governance is about leadership and service to the people. In other words, the area of the Standards Board and FDA should be critically supervised to ensure safety of the masses. The health security of our nation is very important and should be devoid of politics other than competence because ensuring standards in Ghana is very tough and dangerous.

Check of product standards have no value as anything will pass depending on one’s capability to pay thereby endangering the innocent masses at large. Who is checking and dealing with the influx of many herbal drugs in Ghana today? Who is checking the bagged water that is causing many hepatizes B in the process?

Mr. President, we are confronted with a serious situation pregnant with many complex problems and we need serious minded individuals with immeasurable commitment and fortitude to measure up to the task ahead. Dr Addai Mensah is one unique character you can rely on. He is a man of many parts, very principled and exceedingly patriotic who can measure up to the task ahead.

The statements by certain people that he is more of Alan or Afoko has no merit because he loves you more than what his adversaries could imagine. President Donald Trump was heavily criticized by certain people who for good governance are part of his administration now. We have to agree to disagree. Long live Ghana .