Open letter to my member of parliament - Adam Mutawakilu (Garlus) | Opinions 2018-07-25
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Opinions of Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Columnist: Bugli Isaiah

Open letter to my member of parliament - Adam Mutawakilu (Garlus)

I write to you this humble letter with pain in my heart and disappointment in my face.

I know you may not know me or perhaps remember me because its been a while- about 20 months ago at the eve of 2016 election.

I write with much grief and worry as a concerned Akatamansonian and not a spectator (of our great party) about happenings and comments within your Constituency, especially in Busunu electoral area.

All my efforts made through SMS, facebook and WhatsApp messages were fruitless, since you’ve never paid attention to them. Maybe you seemed to be too busy.

Sir, I seek not to bore you with most of these problems which I know you are already aware of; because I know you might have been informed by your close adherents who never had it easily whenever we chat 'one on one'.

I speak as an individual but there's a lot more of your constituents who are singing this same chorus with me.

Sir, you have chalked a lot of 'logro' for my people hence your nickname: 'Y?NI-AW?RA' which will be needless to list in this letter but I just want to hint that my people are in an illusionary state as far as your achievements are concern.

Honourable, I decided it is better to scream than being mute- like Mr. Nadezhda Mandelstaml, a Russian poet ones said “Silence is the real crime against humanity".

It will be sinful to keep my mouth mute for fear of being stigmatized and dying of a curable disease.

"What support do you need that we denied you?
Are you no longer the MP for Damongo Constituency?
Are you not the one that just drove pass us?
Is it because John lost? What have we done that you don't want to see us anymore? Or are you now rich to the extent of forgetting the hand that fed him?"

These and a lot more are the questions and thought pondering the good people of Busunu and its environs.

Honourable Mutawakilu, you will remember; about 3 months to the 2016 general election, a youth wing sent out information and letters regarding your attitude towards them, which was settled by the then Constituency Executives. It was all for the fact that, you never visited them when in town. Elders of the party thought you were disuniting the party and called for resolution and consensus.

These youth served the party unconditionally; regardless of the embarrassment and maltreatment meted up on them during 'employment times' when the party was in power. They never complain!

The youth suffered and endured all these heartbreaking moments because of you and the NDC.

They contributed to rent Motokings for outstation door-to-door campaigns; they were with you all night during your routine door-to-door campaigns. They became partial executives; taking over from some dormant executives. They policed you on the eve of the 2016 election. In fact, they were vibrant in all Party activities even on the voting day.

After the election, they then took to revamping, uniting and organising of their various polling stations and outstations.....Why??? Because they wanted to win your love again.

Because they were advice by the elders. Because 'cross-carpeting' by then wouldn't have yield any fruits.

We struggled and strive for you to be retained as an MP. We did everything humanly possible to canvass votes for you and the NDC, but now this......... "Esa bee wu asafo ama fo el? ma l?? asamo aa"? ( fall sick just once for someone who's ever ready to die for you)

Your ethical traits is killing the NDC party. Your "afu??" character is collapsing the pillars built by our fore-parents- Everyone is contumely blaming and pointing accusing fingers at you as the one 'killing' the party.

You never visited after the 6th December night episode.

What have we done to warrant this?

Why are you treating us this way?

Residence are fed up with this unhabitual behaviour of yours and deliberately turn to ask questions as to whether you still exist as our legislator.

“We lost the Presidential yet won the Parliamentary"

Sir, your people now see your political opponent; the Deputy Chief of Staff, Hon. Lawyer Abu Jinapor as the "acting MP".

His philantropic and sociable nature has oiled most individuals of your constituency most especially floating voters. The Man, Jinapor is everywhere. You are fading off.

Our party is on a stand-by mode waiting to be shut down completely.

Your picture is gradually obliterating from their galleries, our hope and zeal to work for the party is abasing everyday because we have reach our peak in lying to our own people purposely because of you.

We defended you and the NDC always but no 'antwort'

‘Nuso n? be naa wura ch?bi n? nkuu'?. (what else will one need if there is cooked beans and sheabutter?) Abaaaaa!!!!!

I implore you to bear in mind that if really you don't want to be upbraided by posterity yet unborn as one who annihilated the NDC of our electoral area, then you have no choice than to give to Caesar what is due to Him.


Bugli Isaiah