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General News of Monday, 26 July 2021


One District, One Factory job creation drive phenomenal - Atubiga

Stephen Atubiga is a former member of the NDC Stephen Atubiga is a former member of the NDC

A former member of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) Stephen Atubiga has hailed the President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

According to him, his one district - one factory programme has been phenomenal in creating jobs for the youth.

He acknowledges that the programme has its own challenges but the President taking initiative to ensure that the unemployment numbers are reduced in the country needs to be hailed.

Stephen Atubiga indicated that there is nothing like 100% achievements in governance so it’s imperative that as citizens chide governments for their flaws, they will also provide solutions to certain problems and also hail the effort of government when necessary.

He wrote in a Facebook post of Sunday, July 25: “Well, I have seen this trending post on social media, lauding the number of factories our sitting president has been able to deliver.

As a Ghanaian and having the privilege of going around the country, and seeing how the youth are trying to get jobs.I think we should congratulate our President and encourage him to do more. Knowing what it takes to run the country, and knowing the complications of covid-19 to the world’s economy today.

We should be seeing ourselves given applause to our president when he deserves it. Yes, some of you will try to use a political meaning to twist and manipulate my honest opinion and Optimistic impressions of these jobs creation factories initiated by our sitting President.

Which is welcome by me. There has never been a perfect government or a perfect President in this world. Particularly in our country Ghana. But I believe all past leaders gave in their all, as others will come to do the same.

And just as we criticize and hold Presidents accountable for their flaws or bad leadership, we should also be brave to give them a solution or tops up when they deserve it. Show me your best perfect president or leader? and I will show you his or her flaws and weaknesses in leadership.”

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