OccupyGhana leaders targeted by robbers | General News 2014-11-21
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General News of Friday, 21 November 2014

Source: Myjoyonline.com

OccupyGhana leaders targeted by robbers

Members of OccupyGhana have seen a sudden spate of home raids and vehicular tyre tampering.

Speaking at Thursday’s Occupy Corruption Forum held at the Christ the King Hall, Sidney Casely- Hayford revealed that members of the movement have experienced various levels of attacks, although he is reluctant to point fingers.

According to Mr. Hayford, two weeks ago, two members of occupy Ghana had their homes raided. Phones, laptops, money and other personal property were stolen.

Just last night, he says, Dr. Esi Ansah, an Ashesi University Lecturer, who spoke at last week’s forum, had her home raided as well.

Mr. Casely- Hayford narrated how last night he had his left front tyre flying off his car. According to him, he has never had any such issues with the car. Bolts holding the tyre were missing. Thankfully, he wasn’t doing more than 5miles per hour when the tyre came off and he escaped unharmed.

It doesn’t end there, he says. At about 10am today a frantic call from Egbert Faibille Jr. revealed that he also had discovered, after investigating a noise from his car at a vulcaniser’s, that all six (6) bolts on his tyre had been loosened.

“Somebody obviously doesn’t like us,” he said.

He questioned whether it was truly just a coincidence that members of the occupyGhana team are suddenly having their car tyres loosened and having their homes raided and property stolen.

Mr. Casely- Hayford reaffirmed his determination as a leading member of OccupyGhana to continue the fight despite the occurrences.

“It doesn’t matter what happens to me. There are many of you who will follow through… I am following a just cause, doing what I think is right.”

He encouraged Occupy Ghana members to stand firm and unwavering no matter what is thrown their way. “Don’t be afraid to be here and don’t be afraid to be a part of us.”

“Occupy Ghana is here to stay!”.