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Non-use of specified cement grade risky – GREDA

Players in the country’s construction industry have predicted the collapse of some high rise buildings if the specified grade of cement is not used in their construction.

According to them, contractors put up buildings using cement that is either above or below the grade needed for the building.

They argue that the situation has resulted in buildings that are not durable and may easily collapse.

Speaking to Citi Business News on the matter, the Executive Secretary for GREDA, Sammy Amegayibor said, cement manufacturers should educate the public on the various specifications of cement so as to avoid the construction of weak buildings that may ultimately lead to a disaster.

“There has to be a bit of education, in the past when GHACEM was more or less the only cement manufacturing company they produced one standard for all of us, now we are hearing of 32.5 strength, we are hearing of 42 strength and now I even hear the Chinese cement factory in the country is going to produce something around 52”, he said.

He explained that technical knowledge should be sought after when putting up building,“Now if you look at things technically all these types of cement have their specific usage, there are some that are designated for bridge construction, others are for high rise buildings, structural buildings. There are others that are also for low structures like bungalows and plastering and other things”.

Mr. Amegayibor said cement manufacturers have the responsibility to educate the public on the specific use of each type of cement to prevent weak buildings.

“So it’s all about education and we are just asking the cement manufacturers not to just put out the various products they have manufactured but to educate the people about its usage. It is not about buying cement of 32 that will be needed to construct a bridge in order to save money it doesn’t work that way, it will not last”.