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General News of Saturday, 28 August 2021


Nigerian honeymooners, 8 others 'detained' in isolation centre in Ghana

Eze Frank, Nigerian man quarantined in Mplaza hotel Eze Frank, Nigerian man quarantined in Mplaza hotel

Some Nigerians who arrived in Ghana say they are being held against their will in an isolation centre in the country's capital, Accra despite presenting a valid coronavirus test certificate.

The ten Nigerians in a video made available exclusively to by sources inside the isolation centre disclosed they made entry into Ghana within the last 7 days.

Speaking in turns, they revealed that despite paying the mandated eighty thousand naira (N80,000) for the coronavirus test in Lagos, they arrived in Ghana only to be told they tested positive for the virus without been given any document to show.

Documents available to indicates that the Nigerians are been held at the Mplaza hotel in Accra.

What are the Nigerians saying

An engineer who was amongst the eight quarantined in the hotel said he and the others tested negative for the virus before they left Nigeria only to be informed they tested positive when they arrived in Ghana.

According to him, no documents of the test result were given to them to prove their latest diagnosis.

"I'm engineer Eze Frank, from Nigeria Igbo to be precise. I and my wife came here on the 25th of this month, which was on Wednesday for my honeymoon. Unfortunately, the covid test the Ghanaians ran on me and my wife at the airport declared me positive and my wife negative. And I can't understand because I ran a test in Nigeria and we were declared covid negative, and that was why we embarked on the journey."

In a WhatsApp voice note made available to journalist in Accra, Mr. Frank explained that Ghanaian authorities lodged them in an isolation centre they could barely afford. He said the daily 530GHS or N52K bill was beyond their budget adding the authorities didn't provide the option of a cheaper hotel knowing fully well the occupants will bear the cost.

"So getting back to Ghana here and the doctors testing me positive results, they took me down to a hotel, MpLaza, forcefully kind of keeping me here out of my wish. We're kind of on a bill of over 52,000 naira in my Nigerian currency which is 530GHS per day, so it's kind of very funny to me," he said.

He continued, "They said that a test will be conducted on me on the third day, and the third day is on Saturday. But the truth of the whole matter is that I don't even have confidence in their test because the people that are here, they've done the test for their third day. The results came out and they told over 15 people that they are all positive. Vocally without test results in hard copy given to them. So the whole thing is just crazy," he lamented.

Antonia Gomes, one of the detained shared her hotel bills with the online platform, She said that the seven days expired on Friday, August 27, 2021, but because she could not pay the bill she has been held until she can cough out the money.

Below are the names of the Nigerians held up at the isolation centre

- Ezeh Kachisicho Franklin

- Nwanyi Onyinye Deborah

- Ejima Kelvin

- Ibekwe Williams chibuzo

- Aka Sofia

- Okedara Ebitoye

- Ramsey Omoefe

- Ahmed Akimbiyi Abiola

- Danbaba Muhamed Ibrahim

- Abimbola Jibril

View the hotel bill below: