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General News of Friday, 27 August 2021


Nigeria United Ministers Association Ghana launches prison outreach

Pastor Japheth Daniel Igbeke Pastor Japheth Daniel Igbeke

The Nigeria United Ministers Association Ghana (NUMAG) on Thursday, August 26, 2021, held its maiden flagship program the All-Businessmen Prayer Conference in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

The goal of the conference was to unite Nigerian clerics in Ghana and to provide support to Nigerians facing challenges, more especially Nigerian citizens scattered across prisons in the neighbouring country.

The event which was highly patronized by the public and Nigerians in Ghana was attended by respected clerics, Dr. Chukwudi Ihenetu, King of the Igbo Community in Ghana, and members of the different communities in Ghana including the All-Nigerian Community.

The others include representatives from the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana and the Nigerian Media Association – Ghana (NMAG).

The host of the conference and Presiding pastor of Royalties of Heaven Chapel, Pastor Japheth Daniel Igbeke said the association (NUMAG) was conceived to "reach out to the unreached" adding that the "outreach is to help these persons that are so unfortunate.”

The outreach is open to general public

Pastor Igbeke said the outreach is open to the general public and not only Nigerians.

“The doors have been open before now. We have been reaching out to non-Nigerians. But for these particular persons that are Nigerians, that are our brothers, we’ve discovered that there’s nobody speaking for them. That’s why we have decided to help them. God has used us to save a lot of people. Some of them are Ivorians, Liberians, all these people are foreigners and one way or the other, we’ve come across them. The door is actually open for everybody. It’s not strictly Nigerian, you have to understand. It’s for everybody.

Future plans

I promise you if you come back next year, same time, you will see greatness. I am not really picturing 5 years. 5 years from now a lot of things must have happened in 5 years. Some people are using coronavirus as an excuse not to balance their lives but when you have God, you have everything. In the midst of coronavirus, people are blessed. Some are also crying because they have decided not to work.

I will say the next 5 years as you asked the question and I said one year from now we will do exploits. Because we are people who believe in faith. When we agree on a particular thing, God will stand in it. We say whatever it is you decree on earth shall be established in heaven. Declarations have been made and we believe that it has been established in the heavenly realm. You must understand that these is the resources we are talking about. Even you that is interviewing me now, God will use you to bring money.

Every one of us will try our possible best to see how we can be able to be of help. And as we begin to work as a team and as an association, the ideas will be coming. From different members of the organization to see how we can be able to reach out to so many. But for now, this is our first meeting so we are targeting the Nigerians in the prisons. But I believe we are going to do more. When we are going for the prison, you’ll also be called upon so that we go there to deliver what we are called to do.

Members of the public can contribute towards the initiative via the MTN mobile money number: 0549491951 with the name, Dorcas and transaction reference code, Prisons.

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