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General News of Friday, 15 October 2021


‘NPP will sustain the power and not just break the 8’ – Lord Commey

Lord Commey is the Director of Operations at the Presidency play videoLord Commey is the Director of Operations at the Presidency

• The Greater Accra NPP held its Delegates Congress on October 14, 2021

Lord Oblitey Commey stressed the need for the party leadership to recognize people have laboured for the party

• He declared that he will never give out party to anyone else

The Director of Operations at the Presidency, Lord Oblitey Commey, has made an emphatic statement that as long as he lives, the power of governance that currently rests in the chest of the New Patriotic Party will never be handed out to anyone else.

The outspoken politician stated that there has been a history of people toiling for the welfare and progress of the NPP and all those sacrifices should not just go down the drain as easily.

He said this when he addressed the Greater Accra Delegates Conference, speaking on behalf of the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

He started his conversation by highlighting how much people have laboured for the party and for which reason the party must be more forceful now than ever before.

“I’m not coming to pamper you. What we refer to as power is what we are talking about. In this conference today are party leaders; I’m not addressing party supporters – I’m sorry. I’m talking to party leaders – the movers and shakers of this party. You are the ones who can say it should break and it will break; you are the ones who can say it should progress and it will progress and you are the ones, in all humility, I am speaking to.

“Never again is what we should resolve, leaving this congress this afternoon. Never again that this thing will ever happen to the New Patriotic Party. The sacrifices that this party and I can recount because I’ve always been there. There is no village or hamlet we have never visited and we continue to visit, so when we sit in Accra and say that we have suffered over this party, it is true.

“I am not saying you have not laboured for the party but some have really laboured more and people are still suffering today – they are lying in sick beds in the defense of the New Patriotic Party. Some of them lost their children, some of them lost their parents, but they continue to cherish and say that this is their party,” he said.

He continued that in as much as the Break the 8 mantra by the NPP is catching on, he does not even intend to ever give out power to any other person.

“If we can say these things in congress, I don’t where else we’ll say it. I charge you: Break the 8, Break the 8, Break the 8, ahh? It has turned into a slogan, right? As for me, so far as I live, I won’ break any 8. I say, the power, I won’t give it to them today, I won’t give it to them tomorrow,” he stressed.