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Opinions of Monday, 25 January 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

NPP should produce the quota documents and explain it.

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Contrary to what many of the Npp supporters say, I don’t hate nor insult Nana Addo. I respect Nana Addo But as you know, a human being is a very crafty and dangerous creature. He or she is capable of doing anything to get anything. Envy, selfishness, hate and jealous drives people’s actions. Unfortunately this is how it has being for ages. Those who read the Bible you can also see that from Genesis to Revelation the elements I have highlighted above make some of the events and situations. But for now, I am banking on what I have seen.

My issues on Nana Addo and "His Npp" are very clear and I can count them. They are not personal but substantive issues which a reasonable person would wish they are responded to logically than terming them tribal, hate-speech and whatever sensational terminology one can think of just to run away from the real issue. Don’t worry I will keep asking.

If we go by the words of Hon. Freddy Blay,first vice chairman and now acting chairman of npp,Hon. Freddy Blay was reported to have said, “Attempts must be made to put this whole debate into perspective,Paul Afoko can't lead Npp. When I joined Npp, I was told by some founding gurus that you need two things to understand how Npp functions and how it is held together…you need to hold the party constitution on one hand and the entrenched convention of the quota system on the other.”
In this regard,if anyone said tribalism do not exist in npp that person will be telling you a big lie. Tribalism is real in npp. And we are not doing ourselves any good by pretending its not there. Tribalism is real and are in our political systems.

The problem we have is that if someone says we have parties or groups that are run on tribal lines such a person will be the one who will be called tribal. We want to run away from facts. We want to pretend. The more we pretend the more harm we do to ourselves.
It is alleged that this Npp secret document (quota) demands that only an Akan tribe should lead the party to State House. Therefore no Northerner, including BIG Voltarian can change the DNA of Npp. Northerners can join Npp but they are not to own the party or the Government to be formed by Npp.

Don’t accuse me of tribalism; I am simply giving facts from Npp history and the quota as reported. So instead of calling me names Npp should produce the quota document and explain it.

It seems the Quota is the DNA of the Npp and all members of the party,especially the northerns must try to question it instead of just defending Nana Addo against Paul Afoko because you might be in the dark.

I dedicate this piece to Mr. Paul Afoko,the suspended and embattled chairman of new patriotic party.
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