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Opinions of Saturday, 11 August 2012

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

NDC Yahoos And The Casketgate

In President Mills death, some people are crying the tears of profitability, tears of hypocrisy and defensive tears. As usual, we are going to have those who will cry crocodile tears but the Castle handlers and those involved in planning President Mills funeral should cry the tears of shame and greed. They should cry the tears of "NKU ME FIE NKO SU ME ABONTEN" because that is exactly what they did to President Mills.

"Mr. Totobi-Kwakye rubbished media reports that President Mills’ casket, which was imported from the United States of America, cost the state a whopping US$75, 000."

Does it even matter how much it cost? Do we as people know how to create money and jobs? Why import a common casket from USA? If Mills had died in USA, that would have been a different story but he died in Ghana.

Do we have one sensible person in NDC? Do we? Who appointed this Totobi Kwakye to be the Chairman of Mills funeral committee they have turned into money making venture for themselves? What is wrong with Ghanaians? Why do we have to import casket from USA to bury Mills in? Is this committee going to reveal how much this funeral is going to cost? What is disgraceful is that, we have a seat of government without even a medical station with a Nurse manning it? The new Flagstaff house is supposed to have clinic facility to be staffed with Doctors and health facility professionals and that is the right thing to do. How can the President die from choking on his own blood and the lying Aides convey a dead body to 37 military hospital in such a charade? President Mills in life and death is still making people rich when a common coffin has to be imported from USA due to avarice

If the casket did not cost $75,000 how much did it cost? I don't know Accra that well so I don't know where they could have gone for a great Ghanaian casket but go to Kumasi around the King's Manhyia Palace, there is a casket making factory there that makes beautiful caskets and they could have contracted with a casket maker in Accra or any city in Ghana to make a special casket for Mills burial. Why do we even have to pay money to buy a casket from USA and pay transportation cost to fly it to Ghana when the casket is going to be buried anyway? Even if the casket cost $20,000 including flying it back to Ghana, do we know how much twenty thousand if it had been spent in Ghana would have done to our economy? Do we know why a country like USA encourages supporting its local industries? At least Ghana might be a poor and not a developed country but we know how to make a caskets.

There is a place in Accra whose caskets have been featured in Belgium because of their uniqueness. These casket makers make caskets to fit any profession the departed soul was involved in. If you were a plantain seller, they will make a plantain coffin to bury you in, likewise coffins for fishermen, shoemakers etc. Since President Mills was a Teacher by profession and highly educated man, they could have made a coffin in a shape of a book , Pen or pencil to bury him in. As usual, some people have taken advantage in Mills death to make money. One of the caterers who have been contracted to prepare take home fried rice and chicken has been bragging that, she will make enough money on this occasion to build a big houe and I do believe that.

We should cut out our slave mentality believing everything "aburokyire" is better than our own. Ndc is really disgracing Ghana even having Chinese contractors digging Mills grave, what a bunch of disgraceful people ruling my country.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas