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General News of Saturday, 31 July 2021


My wife’s boyfriend was bonking her whiles I watched on - Prisoner

The court handed him a nineteen months jail term since he could not pay the fine The court handed him a nineteen months jail term since he could not pay the fine

A poor farmer, Dramani Iddrisu has been jailed for threatening his cheating wife for going to his farm to get foodstuffs for her newly found love.

Iddrisu who said he witnessed her wife being bonked by her boyfriend said he was helpless whiles he stood dump-stricken watching on till he could not withstand the scene any longer and so left.

According to him, his wife didn’t know he had seen her in the act and he also did not confront her about it. However, after the incident, they separated.

He said his former wife attacked him with abusive words any time they met and insisted that her boyfriend was far better than him.

Iddrisu said he swallowed up the insults because of the three children they have together. He indicated that his former wife who already had a child before they got married still went to his farm for foodstuff for her boyfriend who she later moved to live with. Iddrisu said he advised her persistently for her to desist from the act and concentrate on the wellbeing of the children but she was adamant. Overwhelmed by her defiance, he said he threatened that he will kill her if he met her the next time going to pick foodstuffs from his farm. A threat he said he issued just to scare her but unfortunately it landed him in prison.

“Instead of taking care of our children, my former wife gave the farm produce to her boyfriend. She told me that she would not have married me if she had met her boyfriend earlier. I meant no harm though I threatened her. She reported me to the police and I was arrested.” He told crimecheckghana.

Iddrisu said he was subsequently sent to court but he could not hire a lawyer to speak on his behalf. He said even after several pleas, the judge handed him a Nineteen (19) months jail term when he failed to pay his fine imposed on him by the court.

“I begged the judge but I still had to end up here,” He said.

CCF’s intervention

Crime Check Foundation (CCF) with support from a US-based couple, Mr. and Mrs. Koomson paid his fine for his release.

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