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Tabloid News of Friday, 14 August 2020


My senior pastor cursed me for not agreeing with him on a matter - Fetish Priest

A fetish priest by name Kojo Bentil, has revealed on SVTV Africa that, his senior pastor cursed him for not agreeing with him on a matter; making him turn into a fetish priest.

The former Christian, now a revered priest, said this when talking about his former Christian life and how his senior pastor cursed him due to a little misunderstanding; making him lose everything he had worked for including his hotel.

"My pastor cursed me and l lost everything including my hotel

He suggested something which l thought was not good for the church, l was rather for the betterment of the church but he misunderstood me and in my absence, cursed me before the church." He said.

According to him, he thought the curse was not going to work since he felt innocent; all the more reason he made zero attempts to reverse it.

This reason, from then, made him believe in God questionable.

He had dedicated his life to God at 17 and was very faithful, hence he thought a good God should have been able to save him from the curse especially when he was innocent.

He was eager to use any means to replace all that he had lost, and eventually, he converted to a spiritualist; pouring libation among others.

In his conversation, he made serious revelations about the spirit realm including the following;

"There is a god in every house, and it's powerful than any occult group.

Ghana is the centre of the world, everything you see in the world is a reflection of what's in Ghana". He said.

Adding that, everything in the bible was copied from our culture.

He believes there is nothing wrong with the path he currently follows since it was even prophesied to him by many men of God.

Lamenting on the many contradictions in the bible, he said, there is nothing wrong with idolatry.

"The Europeans intentionally demonized it so they can manipulate us". He said.

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