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Tabloid News of Sunday, 5 June 2022

Source: SVTV Africa

My best friend slept with my wife while I was admitted to the hospital - Canada-based Ghanaian

Canada based Ghanaian, Mr Samuel Opoku Canada based Ghanaian, Mr Samuel Opoku

Canada based Ghanaian, Mr Samuel Opoku, has revealed that his Ghanaian wife whom he sponsored to join him abroad was in a relationship with his close friend for a year while he was getting treatment at the hospital.

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Mr Samuel advised viewers to be cautious of friends because they could be the death of them.

According to Sam, his friend confessed, but their friendship died off eventually.

In the concluding part of the interview, DJ Nyaami gave Mr Opoku the chance to send some shoutouts to friends, but he mentioned that he had none.

“I was involved in an accident and hospitalized for about a year. Meanwhile, my first wife was dating a close friend of mine. I filed for the lady to join me abroad. I divorced her later.”

"My friend was the one who confessed to me. It gave him sleepless nights. I forgave him, but I moved out of the area, and we never kept in touch,” he disclosed.

According to Mr Opoku, he blames his wife more because she accepted the relationship, but “I don’t trust people or keep friends anymore.”

Samuel has been living abroad for almost four decades. He has stayed in Germany, and the UK before finally settling in Canada.

He revealed that some Ghanaians had their friends deported so that they could date their wives.

“It happened a lot in London back in the days. If your wife is beautiful, he will report and have you deported. That is why I say some Ghanaians are stupid,” he added.

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