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Opinions of Monday, 18 June 2018

Columnist: S. Dodoo

Mr. President, ready for a polygraph examination?

I have never written an article and I do not know how to write one. I only have a burning desire to let out what’s been on my mind since the Nyantakyi-gate scandal broke. I could go on and on about how pained I have been since the revelations started.

I am a die-hard football lover who can proudly confess today that I was one of the last 5 persons to leave the Accra sports stadium when we hosted the AFCON and got knocked out. It was a security man who came to ask me and my girlfriend to leave because the gates needed to be closed. However, I will focus on something else that bothers me.

Over the years, I have believed the party with a better story and plan for the country must win the elections. I loved Mahama for his communication skills and his calm nature. I hated his style of leadership and at a point, I wished I had the power to boot him out of office. The scandals were too many.

Bus branding, Subah, Gyeeda etc. The dead-goat syndrome approach when Ghanaians (NDC, NPP, other parties and non-affiliated Ghanaians) were vexed because of the corruption stories and the lack of a biting leadership to deal with these issues. What did we rather see? Many attempts to shelve party people and even using the Flagstaff house or is it Jubilee house to shelter people accused of some impropriety. We didn’t see a committed leader who had respect for his people. I couldn’t wait to see his back although I love him. I had a good conviction that his hands were not clean because of his approach to dealing with these.

Nana Addo presented a fine final opportunity in the face of the NDC’s confusion and perceived or real thievery of resources. As my dad put it, “why don’t we give Nana the opportunity? What if he is the one who will make Ghana work?” Nana was touted as a patriot and he constantly tagged himself as incorruptible.

The day Mahama failed to answer a simple question confidently, a test of his credibility “have you ever taken a bribe”? I knew I had fallen in love with Nana who has consistently said or claimed he is incorruptible whether as a “human being” or otherwise. I was super excited when Nana was elected as president. He had a better promise and he was incorruptible. We were simply tired. I knew corruption wouldn’t go away immediately but I believed he will sting anyone who dares it in his government. I have had issues with Nana’s approach since becoming president. I thought he had a fine opportunity, a good amount of goodwill to have re-focused this country. I didn’t feel we had a new president after a few days of the swearing-in. I didn’t see anything change. I didn’t feel there was a new sheriff in town. I still don’t by the way but I believe corruption can’t be part of his legacy.

The past few weeks have put so much doubt in my head and I believe some Ghanaians as well as to what really the president knows about this Nyantakyi issue. Are the actions being taken just a smokescreen? Is there a cover-up? Will there be a cover-up if the president is involved?

Nyantakyi spoke with so much confidence that I can’t simply ignore it. Did the president sell his properties to fund his campaign? Does he have brothers? Are they complaining and as such do they need money? Has the president made Ken Agyepong a powerful person at the Ministry of Transport? Was he offered the job and he refused? Did he propose the current minister? Are the claims about the road constructions, sand, stones and chippings correct? How did Nyantakyi get this information if it is true? If these are true then N yantakyi couldn’t be just “running his mouth” or to say in local lingua “was doing paa paa.”

There have been a few accusations leveled at the doors of the presidency. I can recollect A-Plus’ rantings. Jinapor and Asenso’s alleged indiscretion which he was cleared off, Ken Agyepong’s claim of staffers taking monies to arrange meetings with the president which was discredited, hasty clearance of the BOST saga, cash for seat etc. Too much corruption allegations at the seat of government in less than 2 years.

I proceed here then to ask of my president Nana Akuffo Addo to publicly offer to subject himself to a polygraph. The incorruptible tag that Ghanaians have believed in so far must be tested to solidify our faith in our president or otherwise. You might wonder why I am not asking for the other named persons like Dr. Bawumia, Karbo, the roads minister, Kwesi Nyantakyi etc. to be put through a polygraph.

It is because I really do not care about them that much although I love the vice president to bits. I didn’t vote them into power and I haven’t believed they are incorruptible. We can lose faith in any politician, but in you we will be heartbroken. Mr. President, are you completely oblivious of Nyantakyi’s claims? Mr. President, will you take this test?