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General News of Monday, 15 May 2017


Mothers’ day: Deputy Western Regional Minister writes to women

Deputy Western Regional Minister Mrs. Eugenia Kusi, has joined all well-wishers to celebrate mothers in the country. Her message includes borrowed poetic renditions from renowned poets.

Below is her message.

A mother’s love, how sweet the name,

What is a mother’s love?

A noble, pure and tender flame Enkindled from above to bless a heart of earthly mould

The warmest love that can grow cold,

That is a mother’s love.


The ultimate mother is God’s substitute on earth. She nurtures her child with her own blood in her womb and suckles it when it is out.

She watches and protects it night and day. She tends it lovingly as a gardener tends his precious plants, watering, mulching, pruning, keeping off harmful pests. A good mother is patient and self-sacrificing; she sleeps not while her little one is awake, and she is worried when they are ill.

If you look at the lives of some of the greatest men who ever lived, you will find that they owe their greatness, primarily to the care and nurture of their mothers, especially in their formative years. Of course, sad to say, some mothers have not played that role in the lives of their children.

The warmest love – no other earthly love can be so warm and tender as the mother’s – yet as human beings who are liable to error, that love grows cold and some mothers relinquish that duty and obligation of providing the affection and nurture for their offsprings.

I am not condemning any mother, but I am encouraging all mothers to show the responsibility of giving the warmest love to their children. I am here to honour all mothers. Without them, we could not have been here.

We owe them a duty for their labour and pain for bringing us into the world. I pray for strength and more years for all women and further thank all mothers for nurturing us to accomplish our purpose here on earth.

Now, on behalf of the Regional Minister and on my own behalf, I would like to wish all the mothers in the Western Region HAPPY MOTHERS DAY and ask God’s blessings on them so that they can continue their demanding role until the end of time.

Also to those who are not biological mothers, but have played the role successfully, I say a more deserving thanks and appreciation.

May our God bless us all! HAPPY


I say Ayekoo.

Gifty Eugenia Kusi

Deputy Western Regional Minister