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General News of Saturday, 26 February 2022


Mobilise resources to evacuate Ghanaians from Ukraine- Political Analyst to Gov’t

Dr George Kobina Domfeh Dr George Kobina Domfeh

A Political Analyst and Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Policy Studies, University of Ghana, Dr George Kobina Domfeh has added his voice to those calling on the Ghanaian government to mobilise resources to evacuate all Ghanaians living in Ukraine to either Ghana or neighbouring countries with immediate effect.

That, he said will prevent them from being harmed as a result of the conflict between the Russia and Ukraine.

He said after when tempers are down, the evacuated Ghanaians can go back to Ukraine.

Russian forces launched a major assault on Ukraine, firing missiles on cities and military targets.

The invasion by land, air and sea began after a pre-dawn TV address where Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that Ukraine’s military lay down its arms.

Initial reports of casualties included Ukrainian civilians and soldiers, and Russian troops.

Ukraine has declared martial law and severed all diplomatic relations with Russia. It says weapons will be given to anyone who wants them.

In the capital Kyiv, home to almost three million people, warning sirens blared out as traffic queued to leave the city and crowds sought shelter in metro stations.

Several neighbouring countries have begun preparations to take in a large number of refugees.

Moldova alone said more than 4,000 people had come over the border from Ukraine.

Thursday’s invasion followed weeks of escalating tensions, as Russia massed troops along Ukraine’s borders.

The UK, EU and other Western allies have vowed to impose tough new sanctions to punish Moscow, but say they will not send in troops.

Dozens of people have been killed, including about 10 civilians. Six died in an air strike in Brovary near the capital Kyiv. A man was also killed in shelling outside the major north-eastern city of Kharkiv.

A Ukrainian presidential adviser said that more than 40 soldiers had died and many more were wounded.

Ukraine said it had killed 50 Russian troops and shot down six Russian aircraft, but this has not been verified.

Speaking on Atinka TV‘s morning show, Ghana Nie, with Ekourba Gyasi Simpremu, Dr George Kobina Domfeh said the conflict is scarier than how it appears.

Although he observed the conflict could escalate, the Political Analyst expressed hope that it ends sooner than later, noting that its consequences may be bad and may affect most countries.

“With the way things are going, I am very scared because when you listen to what their Leaders are saying, including that of the UK and USA, they have warned that they will not work with all Russian Financial Institutions and so Russia is experiencing hardship, but they have indicated that if they have to send weapons, they will do it and as they have come out to say that, If you are a Ghanaian government, you will not sit here and not act,” He said.

Dr George Kobina Domfeh continued that, “So with an immediate effect, it will be very needful that the Ghana Government will speak with neighbouring countries to evacuate all Ghanaians from there. Even if they will not be brought to Ghana, they can be taken to either Poland or Germany or other closer countries so that if the conflict does not escalate, they can go back or come back home if things turn out differently,” he said.