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Business News of Friday, 22 July 2016


Mobile phone users onboard flight to be prosecuted by GCAA

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has warned that passengers who use their cell phones when they have been told otherwise during flights will be arrested.

Director of Legal and Corporate Communication of the Authority, Joyce Thompson explained that Authority has been given the powers through the Ghana Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act 2016, Act 906 to prosecute offenders.

Speaking at a stakeholders’ conference organised by the GCAA, she said using a cell phone is not allowed and the GCAA will not exact any administrative penalty but rather prosecute offenders.

Most commercial airlines don’t allow passengers to use their mobile phones and other electronic gadgets mid-air during a flight over concerns of safety.

The ban was originally brought in following complaints that radio frequencies emitted by mobile phones and other electronic gadgets cause the aircraft's electronic system to malfunction.

Although for now, it is not a problem with new phones and gadgets, a no phone use ban remains in force. Currently, nothing is done to travellers who infringe on the rule but that is set to change.

“Those who are fond of using their cell phones in the plane after the flight attendant has told you to switch it off, please you would find yourself before the courts and either pay a fine, or you may find yourself or you may serve
some time in prison,” Joyce Thompson said.

She also sounded a word of caution to passengers who are guilty of acts such as being unruly during a flight, sexually assaulting flight attendants and smoking in the plane weather in the washrooms or in the open when it is not permitted.