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General News of Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Mills’ brother is an opportunist – PPP

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has described brother of the late President John Evans Atta Mills as an opportunist.

This follows threats by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for Komenda Edina Eguafo (KEEA) in the Central Region, to let Ghanaians in on the history behind Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom’s name change from Joseph Yorke to his current name.

The threat issued by Samuel Atta Mills, follows demands by Dr. Nduom for the governing NDC, to publish the late President’s autopsy report to prove they had no hand in his death.

At the PPP’s first national rally at the Kawukudi Park in Accra, the party’s General Secretary, Murtala Mohammed, dared the NDC to release the autopsy report to prove their innocence.

“If you didn’t kill Mills and if you are not happy Mills died, produce the autopsy report. We are challenging John Mahama to produce the autopsy report of [late] President Mills. The Central Region people here, I want you to listen to me: if John Mahama comes to your region, tell him to produce the autopsy report,” he insisted.

Mr. Samuel Atta Mills who felt offended by the demand, subsequently responded to Murtala Mohammed’s threats, saying the family of the late President will expose the reason behind their Flagbearer’s name change if they keep digging into the cause of the late President’s death.

But the PPP, has in a sharp rebuttal called the bluff of the late President’s family, saying threats by Mr. Samuel Atta Mills to expose the history behind Dr. Nduom’s name change confirms that he is not a native of KEEA.

“The eccentric manners of Samuel Atta Mills and his ilk who in this 2016 year of our Lord thinks that there is something negative to “expose” about Dr Nduom’s name Papa Kwesi Nduom is a confirmation that truly he does not even come from KEEA.”

Below is the full statement


On July 24, 2012, Prof Mills became the first Ghanaian leader to die in office, but with the exact cause of death withheld from the public, speculations have been rife that there may have been foul play in the former law professor’s passing which occurred only six months to the 2012 polls.

Prof Mills’ health had deteriorated by then and he had been considered too weak to endure the physical demands of campaigning.

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has learned with utmost unbelief the unwarranted attack by Samuel Atta Mills on comments Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom allegedly made that “…some in the NDC thanked God for Mills’ death”.

It is a fact that President John Mahama and the NDC have repeatedly sought to use the death of the late President Atta Mills for political gain.

This obviously has suited the interests of Samuel Mills. Does the younger Mills not know that the late Atta Mills was President for the whole Ghana and not his family only? For crying out loud, what has Samuel Mills done to pursue his brother’s death certificate and cure the inconceivable insult of his strange death and illegal burial?

The eccentric manners of Samuel Atta Mills and his ilk who in this 2016 year of our Lord thinks that there is something negative to “expose” about Dr Nduom’s name Papa Kwesi Nduom is a confirmation that truly he does not even come from KEEA.

We cannot also rule out misguided mischief since the NDC from 2001 have tried to call Dr Nduom Peter Yorke, John Yorke etc. Every Fante has both ancestral and Christian names and this is common among Fante families.

So it is only non proper Fantes like Samuel Mills who will cry over such basic Fante naming values.

Everyone who is from KEEA and specifically Elmina knows that in Dr Nduom’s family there are popular names such as Nduom, Asankoma and Yorke. And it is public knowledge that at birth, Dr Nduom was named Joseph Hubster Yorke Jnr after his father and Papa Kwesi Nduom after one of their illustrious family members.

If Samuel Atta Mills cares to know, both names are in Dr Nduom’s baptism and birth certificates. Who in Elmina does not know Dr Nduom as Papa Nduom since his childhood? Obviously, it is only a stranger who is trying so hard and quite unsuccessfully to convince people that he is also from KEEA who can expose himself about his ignorance; to the extent of publicly threatening to expose Dr Nduom about a so-called change of name from Yorke to Nduom; when in actual fact, there has not been any change of name.

We are fatigued on understanding how and why Samuel Mills could open his mouth so wide to give people evidence that he is NOT from KEEA and is just trying to use his late brother’s name to win sympathy votes.

Must we remind Samuel Atta Mills that Dr Nduom’s parents are known very well in KEEA and they taught many people who grew up in the area? Perhaps, Samuel Atta Mills does not even know that Dr Nduom’s father knew the father of the late President Atta Mills who taught at the Komenda Teacher Training College which is how he came to live in Kissi.

To set the record straight, it was Dr Nduom’s father who led Teacher Atta Mills to acquire the farm land at Essaman in Elmina; for which today, Samuel Atta Mills has hired landguards to terrorize innocent people even though he is unqualified to contest any election in KEEA.

Was it not when the late Atta Mills became president that his family built a house at Essaman? The question is, so at what point did Samuel Atta Mills realize that he is from KEEA? Has he not always pointed to Cape Coast or Otuam as where they come from? And if night should turn to day, now, Samuel Atta Mills would definitely run away.


Paa Kow Ackon

Director of Communication