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Opinions of Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Mills "ENSIAGA" Tough Talk From A "Chiwawa Barker"

Sarpong, Justice

"Ghana’s president, Prof. Atta Mills, feels indignant about the failure of some African countries to sever, what he terms, their umbilical cords from their colonial masters and, by extension, western powers."

President Mills said that the western powers are usurping the sovereignty of vulnerable African states and imposing their wishes on them. Great speech in its face value but not backed by reality on the ground. This man will soon finish his official tour in Canada and USA and embark on his two weeks vacation in USA, one of the so called Western powers we are supposed to sever our unbilical cords from. During his vacation, he will seek medical care in one of the best countries to access health care from whilst our dilapidated hospitals without equipments and medicines are left for the poor taxpayers to go and die. Typical propaganda talk that has become a signature of Mills administration

If Mills can back his words with deeds, that will be a welcome news but this man is talking from both sides of the mouth. How can African countries cut the umbilical cords from our colonial masters or in that regard from a new master when we keep going to them for handouts? We have to live within our means instead of borrowing to support our budgets and still howling anti western nonsense when we depend on them for 40% of our budget needs. This is a man that went back to IMF and World Bank for loans and still depending on millenium financial support to help us eliminate common diseases from our country and he is howling like a lion with a chiwawa voice.

Even with our oil, cocoa gold and all the other natural resources we have in Ghana, we keep going to other countries for budget support through loans and grants and you cannot ask anybody to help you and at the same time tell them to stay away from your affairs. If we want them to treat us as equals, then we have to be financially indepedent. A begger cannot tell a beneficiary how he wants to be treated with respect when he has made a mess of his life. After 54 years of self rule and despite all tghe natural resources in Ghana, we can't even keep the electricity in Accra on for 24 hours neither can we keep the tap running continiously and we talk tough like an Arab Sheik in the midst of beggers.

Mills want to cut the umbilical cords from our colonial masters and sell our birthright to China and South Korea as our new masters and if history or how the Chinese have been treating Ghanaian workers in Ghana is anything to go by, then he is getting us out of colonial slavery to the Yellow face tiger slavery to the Asian giants. If we keep borrowing and seeking grants from China at the rate we are going under Mills administration, very soon we will have new slave masters from the far East called CHINA IMPERIALISM.

Talk is cheap, let him back those hawkish words with deeds. This man is talking as if Ghana has weaned itself from colonial masters despite us depending on them for 40% of our budget support. Let us shun those support that makes us subservient to them and then we can talk tough until then this is just mere talk. President Kwame Nkrumah talked tougher than this chiwawa nonsense being made and was privately crying to the colonial masters to help him out of his budget predicament. It seems like we did not learn any lessons from that empty talk. These people will publicly talk tough and privately do the opposite to the colonial masters. This is what I call "ENSIAGA" tough talk.

Mr Ken Ntiamoa couldn't have said it better when he wrote; "The kind of talk by Kwame Nkrumah that got Ghana in trouble in the first place - that turned our so called independence to perpetual dependence. The kind of talk that got Ghaddafi out of the way. A better black jack player is the one who keeps his cards close to his chest. He does not only survive the game; he wins the game."

This is just a propaganda from a man who has borrowed 15 billion in just three years in a 40 billion economy. He can't preach to other African leaders about cutting our depedency syndrome when he is doing what he is preaching against in Ghana. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT MAN CALLED MILLS? What has he done to cut Ghana unbilical cord from our colonial masters? P resident Kuffour weaned us from the IMF loans and Mills went back and put that rope back around our necks which is preventing him to source the 3 billion Chinese loan and he is piously preaching to other African leaders like a Roman Catholic Cardinal.

If we really want to be respected and treated as equals, let us equip our hospitals to the standards of the developed countries where our powerful politicians and nouveau riche will be proud to seek health services from instead of going to our so called colonial masters countries to seek health care.

If we really want to be respected and treated as equals, let us equip our schools with much needed buildings and materials where we will be proud to send our children to instead of these Politicians sanctimoniously pontificating to us but will not send their children to. These Politicians and the nouveau riche power brokers will send their wards to the so called colonial masters country to learn colonial theories and practicals and we the poor taxpayers will be the recepients of its so called evils.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas