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Regional News of Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Source: Nana Peprah, Contributor

Methodist minister calls for support to resurrect dead rivers, cries over its losing glory

Very Reverend J. B Danquah(ret'd) Very Reverend J. B Danquah(ret'd)

An immediate retired Methodist Reverend minister, Very Reverend J. B Danquah, has expressed worry over how water bodies in Ghana especially, in the Ashanti region keep deteriorating through the careless acts of humans.

According to him, it's high time we all woke up to resurrect polluted water bodies in the country, especially in the Ashanti region.

He mentioned water bodies such as River Subin, River Dichem, Bonka Agyei, River Asuoyeboah, River Oda, etc in the Ashanti region where he anticipated fear that Ghanaians are likely to face severe water shortage should we still stay unconcerned and allow water bodies to remain useless by our own indiscriminate activities.

He expressed much worry over how faeces, rubbish, illegalities, and other wastes products have engulfed most of the aforementioned water bodies where he indicated that it's time we all show concern for the water bodies, and begin to resurrect them.

The retired minister who dreams to advocate for a course of water cleanliness after his superannuation, however, calls for support and cooperation from other stakeholders.

He dreams to cooperate with the Manhyia palace through the chief of staff, the Mayor of Kumasi, the Ashanti youth association, environmental department, high Christian and Islamic clergies, NADMO and other stakeholders to as a matter of urgency bring their hands on deck so that his dream is achieved.

Rev Danquah who anticipates fear that the Ashanti region is likely to be hit by a water shortage calls for prevention before things get escalated. He urges those who intentionally dispose of refuse into water bodies to desist from such acts.

He suggests the need for thorough education, regular dredging, stiffer punishment for recalcitrant offenders on water bodies, as being some of the ways through which we can change people from disregarding water bodies in the country.

"It's very sad water bodies such as River Subin, River Dichem, etc that used to feed our forefathers and part of our generation can't be used for anything due to the criminal acts of some people.

"It's high time we all woke up to resurrect the dead rivers. I've learnt there's a certain man who has already started the course and I commend him for that. I'm also here to fight for that course as my main agenda after this Superannuation, we only need all hands on deck," he said

Revealing much about his plans in an exclusive interview, the man of God said he's going to consult the Survey department of the region to get 'Topo-sheets' that contain all streams within the region so that he starts from there.

Rev Danquah who is also a former chaplain for the International Physicists Association, chaplain for a USA Military Hospital, Chaplain and General Secretary for the Asanteman Association of Georgia, Atlanta, finally pleaded with all stakeholders to come together to make this tough mission become a possible one at the expense of impossibility.

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