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Tabloid News of Monday, 13 June 2022

Source: SVTV Africa

Men who did not give me money whiles dating were irrelevant - Lady reveals

DJ Nyaami in a photo collage with Ruth Obene DJ Nyaami in a photo collage with Ruth Obene

Businesswoman, Ruth Obene has revealed that she used to depend on men for her expenses and saw guys who denied her cash as irrelevant.

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Ruth indicated that she was jobless at the time and heavily depended on her boyfriend for her daily expenses. According to Ruth, she needed a guy to take care of her needs at the time, and guys who didn’t meet her criteria were unimportant.

“I wasn’t working at the time. So if I’m in a relationship with you, I expect you to give me money. If you don’t give me money, I don’t see you being relevant, and I have to go to someone who can take care of me,” she said.

Ruth mentioned that she stopped depending on men after setting up her business. She added that it is vital to be financially independent as a woman.

“Depending on a man is very bad. Having your own money as a lady is the best. For you to be able to pay your bills, eat, wear what you want, and take yourself out on a date is very important.

If a man asks me out now, I don’t have to think about what he can offer me. In the past, I made sure the man gave me something, but now I am particular about who I date,” she told host DJ Nyaami.

Ruth encouraged young ladies to venture into entrepreneurship and focus on making their monies.

Ruth is the owner of Khikhi’s Kitchen and; producer of Khikhi’s Gari Mix and Plantain mix. Also, she makes sauces, soups, and other dishes on order.