General News of Tuesday, 17 July 2001

Source: VOA News

Ghana's Former President Fears Assassination

Ghana's former president is claiming opponents in the country's new government are plotting to assassinate him.

In an interview with the BBC, former President Jerry Rawlings says he believes dissidents who were out of the country during his term in office intend to do him in. Mr. Rawlings says he believes the current government is providing cover for the dissidents through government security offices and state media.

Mr. Rawlings says the government may want him out of the way because the people of Ghana are unhappy with the current government and might want him back in office. Mr. Rawlings hinted there could be a possible coup against President John Kufuor, though he insisted he would not support such a move.

Mr. Rawlings ruled Ghana for nearly 20 years, stepping down late last year after losing an election to Kufuor.