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Tabloid News of Monday, 12 September 2022


Man seeks advice to make brother's wife his after 7 years of secretly sleeping with her

Arnold Mensah Elevanyo speaking to Yaw whose identity is hidden Arnold Mensah Elevanyo speaking to Yaw whose identity is hidden

A young man who identifies as Yaw has disclosed that he needs advice on making his brother's wife his after secretly dating her and fathering a son with her.

Speaking with YouTuber, Arnold Elavanyo, the man claimed his brother will be mad after knowing what relationship he has with his wife but doesn't budge.

“My brother will be very mad but I don't care. I work with one of the big marketing firms in Ghana and my brother helped me get it. I plan to get my own place but want to leave with his wife.

“Because of her, I don't have feelings for any other woman. Maybe we are destined to be with each other. I know my family wouldn't like it but hey, I don’t care,” he said.

According to the 30-year-old man, his brother doesn’t look good with his wife as he does with her.

“I've been having an affair with my brother's wife for the past seven years. I was with my brother when they were dating. When I first saw her when they were dating, she was so beautiful. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.

“When they met, I was in my first year. In my second year, they got married. Anytime I come home and see this beautiful lady with my brother, I feel like I am the one to have her and not my brother because she is beautiful and I am handsome compared to me,” he said.

The young man, furthermore, disclosed that, although his brother has acted like a ‘father figure’ in his life and still supports him, he got closer to his wife when he was away on trips.

“For the past seven years, we have been dating. I wouldn't want to disclose where we live but I have been living with my brother and his wife for quite some time. It's been a long. My brother has been my pillar, financially and everything.

“He is more of a fatherly figure in my life. I was with him before he got married and he took care of me in school and still does it when it is necessary. He has all the money, he is good but I was feeling like I am supposed to have the woman before they even got married, he added.

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