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Opinions of Sunday, 15 November 2020

Columnist: Helen Bessie

Make June 4 a statutory public holiday

While there are so much noise going on about preserving Rawlings ideals and legacy, I wish to make one point clear;

No one can tell the story of our democracy which Rawlings made possible for Ghanaians without celebrating the June 4th movement as a national day and while politicians only know how to make empty noise without action, I am urging both the members of NPP and NDC to rather work peacefully and think about reinstating the June 4th bill as Statutory public holiday in Ghana.

That is one of the best among others we can do in keeping his memory alive in the history of Ghana.

And for those who are tarnishing his image, there is no revolution without bloodshed.

There is no head of States or Politicians who does not have blood on their hands. Either they do it silently or otherwise. Now stop the noise and put things in ACTION. Thank you

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