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Opinions of Sunday, 28 November 2021

Columnist: Citizen Kofi Matthew

Majority must admit that you misconducted yourselves

Ghana's parliament Ghana's parliament

Dear NPP MPs,

Please accept my warmest felicitations. I hope this note finds you all well and calm. I know some of you slept very well, knowing that the atrocious budget had been shot down. For those of you who experienced nightmares all through your sleep, may God help you.

My respected Honorables, you must admit that you misconducted yourselves yesterday and failed your party and government in the process. This is the 2nd time you have misconducted yourselves and failed your people in the process. The first was during the election of the Speaker. You all know what happened. I won't waste your time recounting it.

I have watched videos of proceedings yesterday and I keep asking myself just one simple question, DO YOU PEOPLE BELIEVE IN LEADERSHIP? You have a Majority Group Leader with a Deputy. You have a Majority Chief Whip with a Deputy. Yet, it was Davis Opoku Ansah, a first-time MP who took such a crucial decision in such a crucial time and whipped all of you in line to follow him out of the Chamber. What were you thinking when you followed him? What happened to leadership and experience?

During the election of the Speaker, the NDC Caucus showed strong and decisive leadership, and this can be seen clearly in the videos of the day. You see clearly the leadership the NDC Chief Whip and his Deputy demonstrated on the day. That is completely opposite what we saw from you the NPP Caucus yesterday. How did you come by the decision that the Public Gallery is same as the Chamber? How did you come to sacrifice the Budget of your government for the presence of the General Secretary of the NDC at the Public Gallery? How strange!

My Honorables, I am completely flabbergasted by the conduct of your Leader, the Hon. Osei-Kyei Mensah Bonsu. He continues to fight the Speaker and leadership of the NDC Caucus instead of building bridges through tactful sobriety in order to get the bid of government to succeed in such difficult circumstances. This is the 2nd time his high headedness has failed you yet you don't seem to see it. Leadership is a flexible act of dynamism that requires a high level of tact and cool-headedness. I don't see this kind of tact and skill in your Leader. Your Leader appears to operate on fixed robotics, and this is completely disastrous for your government in a hung Parliament. He continues to behave like his days as Minority Leader. Helloooo, please wake him up. He is now the Leader of Government Business in a hung Parliament. That requires a different approach and temperament. Do you realise that anytime the NDC Caucus had decided to stand their grounds, you fail to have your way? Your Leadership is inefficient. Check it.

These are genuine thoughts of a friend of Parliament. I mean no malice at all. It is purely for the love of the August House of Parliament.

Thank you and God bless.

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