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Opinions of Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Columnist: Madailygist

Maintaining a better sex lifestyle

This is a list of things that quite a few men do not know about having sex with women. And they’re things that they absolutely should know.

To enjoy a better sex life with your partner, you need to understand all there is about pleasing your woman and what she needs from you.

This is a list of things that quite a few men do not know about having sex with women. And they’re things that they absolutely should know.

1. Anal play isn’t ‘gay’

Because a bumhole cannot have a sexual orientation. In fact, no body part has a sexual orientation. People do.

So if you’re only attracted to women and only want to have sex with women, but your anal area enjoys touching, licking, or penetration, it doesn’t seem like you’re gay.

Stop with the fear, try something if it appeals to you, and stop freaking out if a girl lightly touches that area and you think you might like it.

2. Stop shoving women’s heads down when you want a blow job

Unless they’ve expressly said that it’s a massive turn-on when you do it.

3. Foreplay is important

Just because you’re ready to go doesn’t mean your partner is. You might want to check. And if she’s not wet and extremely eager, you’ll need to do some actual buildup.

4. If you condom-free sex, your cum will leak out of her vagina

Seems obvious, but some men appear to think that this only happens if a vagina is ‘loose’.

5. Not having an orgasm doesn’t mean the sex was bad or that you’ve failed

Orgasms will not happen every time, because women are not machines with an orgasm button you can push every time. All the non-orgasm moments of sex can feel pretty incredible too.

6. Just because you’re finished doesn’t mean sex is done

If she’s still turned on, it’s time to make sure she’s as satisfied as you are. Use toys, go down on her, whatever works. Never leave her high and drive.

7. When you’re asking her to go down on you, be mindful of when you last showered

No one wants to put their face near a penis that smells bad. Fact.

8. Just because she liked something once doesn’t mean you need to do it every time in the exact same way

It’s very distracting to realise that someone is sticking to a well-timed formula or doing a move they’ve read in a magazine. Relax a bit. Respond to what she is doing and saying in the moment.

9. Sex with a massive penis isn’t necessarily better

In fact, it can hurt. A lot. Stop wasting your time worrying about the size of your dick and questioning whether your sex buddy wishes you were bigger. If she’s having sex with you, she’s probably perfectly okay with what you have.

10. Don’t ask the woman you’re sleeping with to compare your penis to her previous partners

Don’t ask for any size commentary at all, actually. If she feels like complimenting your peen, she will. Constantly asking her if you’re bigger than her ex makes you sound deeply insecure.

11. Jackhammer sex feels good for very, very few women

Slamming into her cervix might feel great for you, but it can really hurt her. Quit it.

12. Her clit is important

You need to be doing something to the clit to have a chance of getting her to climax, whether that’s positioning yourself so that you’re rubbing against each other while you’re penetrating, or just reaching down and getting your hand involved.

13. It’s no big deal if she reaches down and uses her hands or vibrator to finish herself off

You’re doing great and she is turned on, she is just trying to get herself off. Bonus points if you offer to do it for her, though.

14. Just because it looks good in porn doesn’t mean it’s actually enjoyable in real-life

In case you somehow missed this glaringly obvious fact, a lot of the stuff they do in porn is done specifically because it’s visually satisfying, not because it feels absolutely incredible for the actresses involved.

15. If we say ‘don’t stop’, DO NOT CHANGE WHAT YOU’RE DOING

You’ve managed to stumble upon something that is working very, very well for her in that particular moment. Continue. Do not stop, or get overexcited and go harder or faster. Keep going exactly as you were