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Opinions of Friday, 7 September 2018

Columnist: Kenneth Gameli Korsi Dzadu

Mahama's ascension to the presidency, a good or bad omen

I have always said that, Mr.Mahama's ascension to the highest office of the land as President on the ticket of the NDC was and still remains a bad omen to the NDC.

A true, loyal and committed member of NDC who wish the very best for a party that he owe so much to, would have declined the demonic invitation by those destructive elements whose determination is to see the end of our beloved NDC not contest for the upcoming Presidential Primaries.

It's a democratic process and undoubtedly NDC priding itself to be a democratic party can't deny any member of good standing the right to contest in any election.

But I expected Mr. Mahama to have given his decision to contest a much deeper reflection. But alas, he has once more proven to be a stooge in the hands of his political predators.

To quote Mr. Kojo Yankah " From my knowledge of history , no leader of any country has been able to solve all the problems of that country "

Mr. Mahama has placed his part. Worse as his administration was, I believe that has given his best to NDC and Ghana.

We thank him for it.

Again to quote from my very own Snr Comrade Mayor Agbleze "
The fact that HE Nana Addo's Government is potends to be worse than HE Mahama's, does not make the latter's Government any better "

Just to also add that it can't be a sure bet for Mr. Mahama should he in unlikely event that he wins the Presidential Primaries to easily unseat Nana Akufo Addo.

I say here and again that, Mr. Mahama's decision to contest the Presidential Primaries would spell doom for our party take it or leave it.

A win or loose will mean so much for the future of our beloved NDC.

It's not late for Mr. Mahama to honorably withdraw from the race.

It will save him his dignity at the same time brighten our hope of coming back a notch closer.

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