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Opinions of Friday, 17 June 2016

Columnist: Sayibu, Akilu

Mahama has crossed the line

Argument is rife on the morality of a high ranking gov't official receiving gifts while in office Argument is rife on the morality of a high ranking gov't official receiving gifts while in office

I have read all the written literature in the public domain pertaining to Manasseh's investigations. I have listened to the various audio recordings and I have viewed the video on the investigations as well. My conclusion is that President Dramani Mahama has crossed the corruption line.

That the President allowed a businessman from Burkina Faso to get that close with him was in itself unacceptable-to begin with.

The case is made worse by the government's admission of receiving a Ford vehicle, gift but added it to the car pool at the Presidency. This is the most funny stuff I have heard this year.

Why was this not known all along, but only came to be known only when the Presidential bribery allegation popped up?

Why was the vehicle declared as used car when it was rather a brand new car?

Why was tax charged on a gift to the President?

Why was it the same man who built the controversial fence wall at the Ghana embassy in Burkina Faso? The same man seen and heard on audio and video admitting that he gave a gift to the President and the President in turn called to thank him?

It is abundantly clear that President Mahama has lost the battle to fight corruption with this latest disclosure.

What is the difference between a Judge who was sacked for receiving a goat and a President who has received a gift of car from a businessman who has done and continue to execute juicy contracts in the country at a time the man who is alleged to have received a car gift is the President?

The time has come for President Mahama to step down as President or impeachment procedures should start for his removal.

The Minority in Parliament must trigger the process. It doesn't matter if it fails. It must start anyway.

The Presidency has become a monument of ridicule and embarrassment inside and outside Ghana since the story broke out. Those NDC stooges and hoodlums who have decided to abandon the substantive case of the Presidential corruption but have decided to attack the integrity of Manasseh must bury their ugly heads in shame.

Manasseh did an excellent work. If Ghanaians can not commend him, they must live him in peace.

No amount of twisting, slanting, amateur presentations and misrepresentations of sacred facts would be tolerated. The folkloric stories from government surrogates must be thrown into the nearest dustbin. This is an interesting revelation every Ghanaian must take extreme interest in. This big story can't be swept under any carpet. Good day folks.

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