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General News of Saturday, 31 July 2021

Source: GNA

MTTD tagged unauthorised speed ramps as death traps

Seargent Richard Timinka unauthorised speed ramps contribute significantly to road accidents Seargent Richard Timinka unauthorised speed ramps contribute significantly to road accidents

The Regional Command, Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD), Ghana Police Service, says unauthorised speed ramps contribute significantly to road accidents and urged communities to stop the construction of illegal speed ramps.

“It is erroneous to conclude that simply constructing speed ramps would automatically reduce speed and road accidents. On the contrary, such illegal speed ramps which constitute unnecessary traffic obstruction have contributed to accidents in those communities.

“These illegal speed ramps are poorly constructed without any warning signage to the approaching vehicle. This is a dangerous and criminal act,” Seargent Richard Timinka, said in a speech on behalf of the Tema Regional MTTD Commander, Chief Superintendent of Police, William Asante.

The GNA and MTTD Road Safety Project seeks to create awareness on the need for road users to be cautious, know their responsibilities and road safety regulations, rules and laws.

“If there was any form of accident in a particular jurisdiction, the community members quickly mobilise, construct speed ramps of no standard out of anger to prevent accidents.

“So they end up putting sticks, anchor ropes, blocks, and stones, among others on or in the road to stop speeding and accidents this act is rather dangerous.

"In as much as we have to reduce speed, we also do not need to inconvenience someone, using the road or get involved in acts of illegality," he said.

Sgt. Timinka said any act of obstruction contributed to accidents; “let us desist from the creation of unauthorized speed ramps in our communities.”

He said the law forbade authorised persons or groups, putting any form of objects, implementing or any form of materials, which was not sanctioned by law on the road.

According to him, Section 22 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 2012: “a person commits an offence if without lawful authority or reasonable excuse that person causes anything to be on or over the road.

“Interferes with a motor vehicle, trailer or cycle obstructs direct or indirectly with any traffic equipment in such circumstance it will be obvious to a reasonable person that to do so would be dangerous.”

He entreated the various Assembly members and the committee leaders to talk to their people about these illegal speed ramps construction as it is endangering the same lives they are trying to protect.

He advised communities to go through the right channels if they wanted speed ramps to be constructed for them to have approved ones with signage.

Mr Francis Ameyibor, GNA-Tema Regional Manager, called on community leaders to educate the people about the proper means for crossing highways, especially communities living along the highways and motorways.

He noted, unfortunately, most highways passed through communities and towns diving it into two halves.

“Therefore, the people are left with no choice than to consistently and daily cross from one portion to the other without appreciating the sense of danger involved.

“The motorist needs education, in the same instance, the people living along these highways and other roads need sensitization to understand the ethics of crossing the roads”.

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